You Win Some, You Lose Some! World Of Warships Gameplay!

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  1. Ty 4 the vid slip really love the vids that you make..!

  2. Good stream last night. Any thoughts of finishing/continuing NO MANS SKY… if not I can understand but TBH those vids were instant classics!!! Great entertainment value. Keep rocking out SL1P

  3. love you slip

  4. Slip, Thank you for your time and effort you put on each of your videos.!!!


  6. thanks for keeping the youtubes alive slip always love watching your vids

  7. Love WOWS SLIP

  8. Really surprised to see my hometown of Saint Petersburg at the beginning of the video 🙂

  9. I play this game daily, it’s quite enjoyable

  10. Sl1p, any game is entertaining with your play and commentary

  11. Hey Slip, long time fan of yours, and an avid World of Warships player, love the high energy video’s you make. Gauging speed on enemy ships can be tricky however checking their smoke makes it much easier. If its coming out of the funnels and heading straight back they are blazing forward, if its slightly angled back, they are just cruising around 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. If it’s coming forward then they are reversing. Thanks for all the entertainment, looking forward to seeing more.

  12. I’m not usually into multiplayer, but this looks really fun!

  13. Unfortunately the Republique only has 2 gun turrets

  14. Me and my dad used to play world of tanks together…..

  15. sorry slip, hate to break it for you, but you are fighting bots

  16. Love u sl1pg8r

  17. so here to help ya. never give broadside to an enemy ship. and SHOOT HIGHER you want to aim at the waterline where the ship meets the water. if a battleship is angled in switch to he cuz your ap rounds will either bounce or ricochet. French ships guns have such a high velocity so you tent to over penetration.

  18. You forgot to use your nations secret weapon, the white flag. In all seriousness you would do better in a cruiser so you can fire more often and learn aiming and to angle the ship better. Higher tier is harder because the engagement range is farther out. French ships focus on speed and position, from my experience. Nice vid none the less, wish I had access to some of the ships you do id probably play more often.

  19. I didn’t even watch the video yet and I liked it already lol..

  20. I just wish there was a code for already active accounts 😛

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