Your Bow Doesn’t Need Buffing | World of Warships: Legends

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Siegfried, Azuma, Nelson, Prinz Rupprecht, Des Moines. What do all of these ships have in common? They all have overmatchable bows! Heck, practically *EVERY* ship in the game has an overmatcheable bow if Yamato or Musashi are shooting at it. That means Siegfried, for example, isn’t as good as Edinburgh; Edinburgh has a 30mm bow, and Siegfried’s is 26mm. Siegfried would be just SO much better with a 32mm bow, but right now it’s “situational.” Or Yamato — the best battleship in the game, because overmatch means you don’t need to use your brain, and you just instantly win, right?!

WRONG. People put way too much stock in bow armor. Point and forget. A built-in strategy that requires little maneuvering. And yet something that won’t serve you well in ships with overmatcheable bows. Well, I propose a New Year’s Resolution. Overmatch is definitely a thing that can make the game hard for you, but if you use both your brain and the handy-dandy armor viewer, you can mitigate damage by angling the armor that isn’t on your bow or your stern.

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  1. Getting penned through the bow and stern while angled is a very annoying and prevalent thing xarkun angling doesnt make you invulnerable, though your point is very valid.

  2. I have shot at many a bow with Yamato and have gotten a bounce. It happens.

  3. Let’s start by getting a big percentage of this player base from sailing ‘broadside’ then move on to more technical strategies :*

  4. I just see Nelsons, Musashis, Yamatos and the likes as easy damage; since most of them are not aware of how frail they are and don’t protect their parts. One of my few shorts show exactly that…
    Having good side armor and using it, helps you survive some incoming damage and turn it to potential.

  5. This is a great video its the best information you can get in this game it took me forever to learn proper angling and sometimes I still screw it up nice job sir

  6. Nice Video and explaining Bow Armors and Over-Matchable Bows and how its the side the armor that counts, but what about Neptune’s case?

  7. Great video!

  8. Good info Xarkun, thanks mate will keep mind

  9. Now listen here, I’ll buff my bow if I want to…wait what are we talking about?

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    I love you for this

  11. Siegfried in a nutshell

  12. Sage advice Xarkun. We all need a reminder of this on occasion.

  13. Laughing in Yamato

  14. Yeah, Yamato can be decent if RNG says so but there are other battleships I’d rather play. I like Kansas at mid range. Yes, her armor can be wonkey but she’s like a prize fighter juking around and hitting hard. Yamato is more like a brutish bully.

  15. Very true. While not as he high, Dunkerque taught me the way. Go bow in you’re dead, slightly angle you’re good.

  16. Colorado is another great example. I’ve dev-struck many a Colorado who pointed their bow straight at me

  17. As a Nelson enjoyer I find a creative solution to the ship is to angle away there is less 25mm armor to overmatch plus you can flee without going broadside if needed

  18. Where have I heard this before?! I call it lifting the skirt! Open up and present the side armor and the potential for a Massive hit and 90% of captains will take the bait and then you simply change the angle and auto bounce everything.

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