Yubari tried so hard: 6 Kills – 163k dmg || World of Warships

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  1. Harry Bonghanoy


  2. andreas pedersen

    Why didnt he use both torp launchers? Nonetheless.. WP

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      andreas pedersen One of the things of Yubari is that it gets a lot of damage by fish That is because it has 610 mm torps rather than the 533s of Kuma I bet he knew he only needed one set Also the torps arc is awful so yeah

    • But you should send the other set when the reload is so quick, if for no other reason than to make sure some hit. 2 are pretty easy to dodge, 4 is a little harder.

  3. she is such a nice ship. love it. but she needs some model rework.

  4. What she really needs is her original 3rd dual 140mm turret back to put her in league with the other fearsome tier 4 ships. Having 6 guns is better for yubari as she needs the raw alpha upfront cos she does not have armour to stick ard to keep peppering 140mm shells. I dont mind then if they downgrade the reload of the 6 guns to that of the katori.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Liang Shunyuan The adding of the original not AA gun power would be nice But that will screw most of their AA or at least some of it And why have or get a Yubari without the AA that is the, unfortunately, essence of the ship? A reload buff to 4 secs may be good

  5. I once carried a T7 game ,with a Minekaze and scored 21 torp hits,138000 damage

  6. Man, if you USED ALL your torps every time you could have, this game COULD have 200k damage! So much time spent within 6km of a target, and you only rarely launch just ONE launcher at a time! Well played, but you should be throwing those torps at anything and EVERYTHING within range, I mean they only take like 40 seconds stock to reload – and for the tier they hit like a truck!

  7. Hammer Runde! Schön, das die Yubari nicht komplett vergessen wird. Der kleine Kutter liegt mir sehr am Herzen, nicht nur, das ich das Schiffchen mit seinen”Laserkanonen” immernoch gerne spiele, es war auch mein allererstes Schiff in WoWs (Closed beta Einstieg)!

  8. The chibi vruiser my favorite

  9. My favorite, the chibi cruiser ^-^

  10. 09:20 did he just torp his own team mate?
    thinking PK intended what not to do

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