Yueyang || 315k/2.7kXP (HighCaliber/DevaStrike) World of Warships

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  1. First comment and verdict:
    I could see that here we have a captain who at least knew what he was doing, he approved the forces of his ship (although he played a little alone / away from the team during most of the battle) and did not rush into the enemy and gloriously committed suicide by his team or something, but plays very long reach, stretching their torpedoes to the limit, but so, as he / she decided to do the lone wolf, I think he had everything planned / calculated.
    And Oh My God, those two Kurfurst captains sailing in open waters, knowing that there may be an enemy destroyer in the vicinity and that they may have them in their range of torpedoes, and they do NOT zigzag or protect themselves or as a measure of caution (what I would have done).

    • Well to anwser you, yep i knew moskva was on my side, and i could not secure the cap, so my team left this flank, and they rushed it. Then I knew i could take out everyone of them, all i needed was the other flank to win and get the cap wich they did. On this map you cannot simply go for the cap, you commit to much if you do. Yueyang cannot knifefight DDs on this stupid cap.

    • Cosme you could easily be taken out/renderred imeffective if there is just 1 DD on your flank. Luck is on your side, enemy is potatoing

    • Thats why i have RPF mate

    • Cosme RPF doesn’t work for this narrow open water, the DD can easily overlap with another ship by sailing straight in front of the ship. E.g. the moskwa. The enemy ships also potatoed by not rushing your position but instead turn in an already capped A cap.

  2. Great torpedo spreads and predictions.

  3. Did one of his teammates intentionally shoot at him @2:45? Somebody hit him and chipped off some HP. It looks to me like the green Henry at 4C hit him.

  4. 5:26 ….8:47…. for real? they didnt gave a fuuck just to turn a bit … he was just lucky playing with bad captains …nothing special. only the last ship he killed was skilled

  5. Алексей М

    пусть ну РУ сервере поиграют ))))) у нас боты лучше играют чем игроки на EU серваке

    • это последнее время панзер скатился. первые реплеи были ваще огонь. там на скилле тащили жестко. не то что это унылое говно торпедировало парочку бортоходов.

  6. унылый бой!!! полное гавно)))

  7. he was just very lucky. He had a great team, in spite of not having any caps they still beat down the enemy. All this guy did was pick off dumb BB captains. I hate DD players like these. He didnt contest caps (ok sometimes unwise to contest caps right at the start) but he didnt even bother spotting for his team. What a selfish asswipe.

    • And what I did happened in this video, I’m not saying i didnt missed anything, but overall i played my cards right, and thats why I’m in the topEU Yueyang players

    • Cosme I am not saying you are not. Just this match is one of the worse that you could have done for the position that you are in. And I am sure as a good DD player, you do realized that. The teams help you win this match, if not, it would have been a standard 300k dmg lost that you could not do anything about other than complaining “potato teammates”.

    • DrAg FPV Well i find so many People commenting on my gameplay, but not explaining anything, execpt “selfish play” and tbh i dont think it is.

    • Cosme I dont think it is selfish, just that you are put or putting yourself in a position of no significance though at the same time it’s unfair to blame you for the first turn you do in the game.

    • As a matter of fact this @oribar san guy is not awnsering at anything I said, lmao

  8. Евгений Субботин

    Ничего сверхъестественного! Тупое кидание торпедок!!!

  9. Team: “Don’t Worry Guys, we have the 9 and 10 lines on complete lockdown!”

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