Yueyang / “Twelve Angry Rivets”

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I don’t think my brain ever retains anything actually useful, just cultural references that I might get to use in video titles one day.


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  1. 12 rivets indeed. Perhaps duct tape was involved. Good video. Peace and health to you Jedi. D

  2. Most of the reason I have one of these is it’s the same class destroyer as USS Laffey DD 724 which I’ve suggested several times as a premium.

  3. The Orkan could totally smoke the YY since it get’s a heal. I keep my YY only because sometimes it’s fun to be in a radar DD. But the fire rate is so bad it’s almost questionable. However with the surveillance upgrade it’s a 30 second radar so it isn’t really that short. I just wish I could get my fire rate back. The nerf really hurt it considering all the high DPM ships.

    Even if they balanced it around the radar it get’s dumpstered by other ships and you can’t disengage that easily without your smoke so having a high fire rate is the least it could get. It’s the same problem I have with the Khab nerf. The Black is going coal and it’s just a better ship at a lower tier than the YY. I already see a shitload of Blacks and we’re about to see a whole lot more. They really did this ship dirty.

  4. It use to have a really decent rate of fire, but then wargaming listened to the Reddit whiners and nerfed it way too much. Sad.

  5. 12 HP…. 11 more than you need 😊

  6. And this is why you finish low-health enemies first…

  7. The Yue Yang has actually been buffed recently, though. WG increased the torpedo speed and reduced the reload time,.

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