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  1. The constant twitching on the scroll zoom makes this video unwatchable.

  2. Billy Ray Valentine Capricorn

    It goes away after a few. That pile of BBs in spawn, though. This is the heaviest carry I’ve seen, but legends say the most epic part of the video was shocacu’s humility and grace.

  3. I dont really know how to feel about this. I mean … the Z52 with the torpedoboat skills and upgrades you have 1 minutes and 6 second reload (without adrenaline rush)
    But my god that was a carry if i’ve ever seen one

  4. @4:00 40 torps in the water……1 hit

  5. So a chinese player goes on a US server and this happens…

  6. I never got that lucky with my Yugumo. best I could do was 4 and I didn’t have the reload upgrade. good play for him.

  7. Aww no fireworks activated?

  8. Tout seul sur le jeu magnifique du grand art, bravo.

  9. man he got lucky, when i play yagumo the moment my torps touch the water all ships change course

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