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Testing the Yukikaze, a Japanese short range destroyer with F3 torps 9.4km gun range. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Yukikaze Replay

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  1. Time for Space Battleship Yamato Music! Set a course to Centauri!

  2. The Yudachi was announced quite a while ago, wonder where it is now

    • Alipheese the 16th

      +TheAllaksion put them both in ^^

    • A premium camo that is a Kancolle Yudachi should be made in same time.

    • Littly Shippy
      “Poi” means “like” in Japanese, as far as I’m aware.
      The reason why Yuudachi (from Kancolle) says that verbal tic “poi” is because no one actually has a clear record of what the real destroyer accomplished during the Guadalcanal Campaign, where it would sink in the First Battle of Guadalcanal. We are sure that Yuudachi did wreak havoc in battle. However, other ships claimed the kills. So, the battle records are simply unclear and takes guesswork from naval historians from both sides (Japanese and American sides) of the war. So, the Kancolle version of Yuudachi says that verbal tic to reflect on that piece of history.
      If ever wanted to listen to her lines that include the verbal tic, visit here:

    • Whether they tested poi as a part of Azur Lane collabs or something else is coming to WG. Heck even Montpelier suddenly shown up out of nowhere and said to be a part of Azur Lane collabs.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Coming soon (TM)

  3. The only thing good about this ship is it’s name.

    • Right, because the concealment, insane torpedo speed & damage potential, 2.5km stealth torp buffer AND great torp concealment aren’t “good.”

    • +Patriot36 The point you’re missing is why would you spend money on this when you can get all that for free with the kagero

    • dd concealment and short-range tactics in general seem quite difficult to leverage in the current cv+radar meta.

  4. Looks like a reward ship.

  5. the guy everybody likes

    Maybe as a nice historical niche they could give it a enemy shell dispersion bonus as a reference to its historical status as the luckiest destroyer of the ijn

    • But the luckiest thing the ship historically achieved is to not get hit despite numerous battle+defeat it is in. I think give it even crazier concealment can justify that
      Edit: yea that actually makes sense

    • Grasshopper Kelly

      I agree, but they’d have to nerf something. Even a little. Otherwise she’d be classed as OP and Pay to win :/

    • +Grasshopper Kelly I don’t think she can be op.

      She’s literally a kagero that has nerfed F3 torps, so there’s nothing really special about her.

      Such a shame that WG decides to sh*t on arguably the most famous WWII IJN DD ever

    • Grasshopper Kelly

      +Jason Chan well there’s the Yudachi?

      She might not be OP as it is, but the higher dispersion from a premium camo will probably be seen by others, not necessarily you or me, as Pay to win.

  6. Yukikaze should have the best damage control and anti-dispersion camo good damn it

  7. Not even worth it if it were a free ship.

  8. Soo.. a Short range DD? I guess you could call her Yolokaze.

  9. Yukikaze the luckiest DD in the world, I mean seriously her records was like goin a dangerous place such as Tengo and she did survived…. Hopefully WG will make this ship survive the battles everytime aswell XD….
    Yuudachi Where are you?

    • well unlike other IJN ships, yukikaze had quite stationary crew where they were more familiar with their ship and effective with damage control, which allowed them to survive minor to moderate damage (compared to say Taiho, where the crew caused the explosion in the boiler by trying to open a hole with a drill to let out flammable gas). The luckiest thing to yukikaze would be having a great crew team who knew the importance of damage control and excelled in it. (Again poor Taiho)

  10. *God I wish I had bought the HSF Harekaze….* IMHO – best all round premium T8 IJN DD!

  11. Review footage shnould be soilo play

  12. This is almost worse than playing a Kamikaze or Fujin at tier 8… At least those ships have FAST torpedo rearm, and 3 launchers for better launch patterns!

    If this ship had 2 extra smokes, AND a torpedo reload booster, with a fast smoke rearm, then it MIGHT be a fun ship with a very specific style!

    • You forgot that the Kamikaze and Fujin are a few knots faster than this thing, which would make those things more fun at T8. Why would I buy this thing when I have a Kagero in my port???? If I want YOLO torps for it I would just go and spec the torp acceleration perk for my capatain, while retaining speed boost and gun range.
      WG just jusing ctrl C + ctrl V for new premiums is dumb. Ok they are russian so you can´t expect them to have any logic anyway.

    • And i have even less reason since i own Harekaze. Only difference from kagerou is the hull, but i can use ducky guns to compensate for it as well.

  13. They should’ve just brought back the Kitakami if they wanted a unique IJN DD

  14. Alipheese the 16th

    they nerf IJN ships but buff russian ships i sense a bit of bias here

  15. I’m calling it right now. WG is testing more IJN DD nerfs!

  16. Notser: Short range DD, torps with max 8km range…
    Me: OK, but I guess the reload must be pretty good, right?
    Notser:… but the reload is still awful, 1min 40 seconds
    Me:… I’ll pass, WG.

  17. Mirko Mihovilovic

    I see no love for japanese here :c bring nothing new, harekaze fills better the tier 8 ship style for both branches u.u

  18. wg: * make a close quarter dd specialist*
    CC: the radar and meta make the ship useless and frustrating
    wg: *shocked pikachu face*

  19. This does not worth to be called yukikaze.

  20. Maybe they would give that DD the British fast accelerate engine instead of speed boost . Plus torp reload boost.

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