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Discussing the released version of Yukikaze, a shallow knife fighting destroyer with some punch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Invite

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  1. its not an anime XD, its a chinese game lmaooooooo

    • +Hikaru_ Senpai that’s Warship Girls though?

    • +Nep you forgot Crosswave too lol

    • Principality of Belka

      +Hikaru_ Senpai Not really. It has the same concept as Kancolle but it’s less RNGesus compared to Kancolle. Because in Kancolle whether it’s building a new shipgirl or sortieing against the enemy (Abyssals) RNGesus will always control the game.

      In contrast Azur Lane has controls for the shipgirls and you can play it accordingly. You can turn to avoid enemy fire instead of praying to RNGesus. Kancolle (PC and Mobile version at least) lacked this mechanic.

      And most importantly unlike Kancolle which is heavily focused on ships of the IJN, Azur Lane’s shipgirls are more diverse than Kancolle (Although they’re depiction is not as detailed as Kancolle).

    • +Principality of Belka I know, it has the same concept but it doesn’t mean they would follow all of that. I’m just saying that they got inspiration from kancolle…. It’s anime to be exact. Chinese will always be Chinese…

    • Hikaru_ Senpai “Takashi Ripoff”

  2. Yukikaze NANODA~

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I wonder what would happen if u slap a heal on her because miracle ship

    • Yeah, I was reading some posts about it pre-release and most had constructive proposals regarding a heal or at the least high hp to give the ship a little character as welll as a nod to its history and give it a little performance bump that would play into its risky game play. A heal would let lend a bit more loiter and help define it’s niche. If it had Kidds repair I’d buy it right now.

  4. “Hello everyone” ??? SOMEONE ABDUCTED NOTSER. NOTSER blink twice to confirm this

  5. John Luigi Limaco

    Hello everyone not hey this is notser

  6. Since it wasn’t mentioned, just want to remind people interested in this ship that the ranges you need to be to use torps will put you in range of all radar available, have to play around that to be effective.

    • So i.e. this ship is garbage. Any torpedo focused DD that’s engagement range starts a 8km, at tier 8, is useless. It will just be radar’d or spotted by planes and annihilated.

    • But people will still buy Yukikaze because she’s a waifu boat like Yūdachi

    • Well, garbage in alot of situations yeah. I personally wouldn’t get her, but waifu bote for some and I do like the camo. I know good players on DDs can definitely make this work, and lightning is great despite having the same range on its torps. Just thought younger players should be made aware of this glaring weakness not mentioned.

  7. I built my Asashio as gun and torpefo boat hybrid. Worked decently enough, accurate gun, good velocity and high chance of set on fire.

  8. Noster you can try kiting and fire when enemy just outside your firing range , especially with a shallow ship, you can effectively stealth fire in this case, I have some replay for this strategy if you are interested

  9. What do you mean “Hello everyone”?? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH NOTSER?!!

  10. “Hello everyone!”

    Excuse me?

  11. A shame you didnt use Yukikaze commander 🙁 Im wondering how she sound b4 buying >.<

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      I don’t know if you get unique voice lines on the ship – I believe they are on the Yukikaze captain itself.
      And to get the captain you either need to buy the entire bundle (60$), or get her from lootboxes – in which you aren’t guaranteed to get her, since you can get duplicates in them.

    • She pretty much goes bonkers with her usual I’m-super-awesome-and-great attitude and “Something something-nanoda!” antics, lol. And if you strike a hit with her torpedoes, she gets really excited.

      I like her very much, but that’s just me, lol. x3

  12. Sukacita Yeremia

    It’s ok if you don’t know the anime Notser. It hasn’t aired yet

    • I didn’t even know they had greenlit an anime back in 2017-2018 for this but if Kantai Collection (Kancolle) could do it, Azur Lane definitely can.

    • Coşkun Akalın

      And the animators are the ones who created Grisaia no Kajitsu animations, which is good news, rest is up to story

  13. you all have great comments, but you all seem to miss the big picture, Notser didn’t hit an island once! yes he did set his team mate on fire, but the islands were safe.

  14. I have been hoping Yukikaze (ROC Tan Yang) can be added to Pan-Asian.

  15. that ship sounds like awesome boat….. couple years ago before radars were introduced into game.

  16. Also if the smart people at Wargaming want to envourage using DD guns more, all they’d needed to do was unfix the gun bloom spotting “bug” which was one of the best -liked mechanic, if – comically – introduced by accident.

  17. Man I really feel bad for anyone who plays the akatsuki without realizing how great its guns are

  18. Hey Noster, you think we can get a video with Atago anytime? been wanting to see a vid with her for awhile

  19. In the current meta….. this is 1 in 100 games….. CV didn’t attack, DD was stupid, yolo BB’s and no radar … you were lucky.

    This DD’s will be very hard to make work for 99% of players.

  20. Yukikaze is considered to be a lucky ship. It survived the WW2 with relatively small number of casualties. Truly a naval legend. Would love to get one 🙂

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