YY’s HARD CARRY! 270K World of Warships

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  1. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    What is love? Being 1st

  2. The mighty Pachecok .✌

  3. Definitely the best division play I have ever seen. Excellent communication between the two Yueyangs, choice of consumables (one has radar, the other has smoke), positioning and choice of targets and play. Congrats to both of them.
    Question: Villages like the one shown between 16:15-16:35 that is densely populated (judging from the amount of houses), have no fields to plow, built on a tiny rocky island without forests… how do people live there? How do they survive? What do they eat? There is no port to live from fishing and/or commerce… 😀

  4. so OP. Best DPM (except Harugumo), second best concealment, Radar, best torpedoes.

  5. I like it?

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What a pair of monsters right here! They played awesome at the beginning and man! They carried the living sh*t out of their team GG!

  7. ธรรมรักษ์ วัฒนกูล ϟϟ


  8. Now that’s what I call teamwork!

  9. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG i really love the way, you two played that division.. With the smoke and radar, and the torp game was outstanding.. Only thing the YY, torps don’t pack a big punch.. When y’all crossed torpt that Cruiser, or maybe it was a BB, (8:54) between the two of you hit it with at minimum 8 torps and he survived the initial salvo….?

  10. Can anyone recommend me a capable laptop to play WOW without spending a small fortune?

  11. poor Canceror XD!

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