Z-23 / Shatter / “Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew”

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Yeah, I dunno why I thought of that, it’s a mystery really…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/XDb11G5



  2. Derp-tay-toes!

  3. Note to self. Dont play Z-23 game while kinda watching jedi in a Z-23. Its gets confusing.
    On other matters, cough CKII?? Cough

  4. I like the Z-23, plus I have the Congratulatory camo which is nice. Best battle had 17 torp hits.

  5. The Z23 isnt an entirely bad ship. Unfortunately its barely good enough for T8, let alone T10. I had some good games in mine but ultimately when the time came to upgrade to the 46, I sold the Z23 and didnt think twice about doing it.

  6. All skill no luck I’m sure, Jedi! mmmmm, spuds.

  7. Just uninstalled World of Tanks and I might try this game one more time…sigh I wish it wasn’t war gaming cause of their stupid prices.

  8. The Z-23 is made tricky by the guns and their long reload with the bigger guns. It’s hard to justify the smaller ones as you actually lose a fun but it’s hard to out DPM anything that might be aggressively contesting a cap. Heck, with guns even IJN torp botes can be a threat as their shells hit so hard, despite the poor ROF. You have to play the 23 a bit more circumspectly given this, although the hydro and torps do make it a bit more comfy.

  9. The Grisha Inquisition

    Was it storming when you were recording? I swear I could hear thunder and rain in the background.

  10. Try the 15 cm. Extra gun up front. Makes it a different boat.

  11. I LOVE the Z-23. Was my favorite ship of the line to play until I got the Z-52. And fully upgraded with the five 150mm guns, it’s a monster. Massive health pool (22300 with SE), decent soon to be buffed Hydro, and an exceptionally powerful alpha strike by DD standards. Also helps that the 150s have zero problems citadeling cruisers. Only beef is rather unimpressive 6.2km detection. So if you’re doing well with a stock Z-23, you should be having a field day with a fully upgraded one 😉

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