Z-23 solo Warrior – World of Warships

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solo Warrior –
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  1. What is the second medal on the end screen ? the one with a shell

  2. the stupidity of the enemy team is out of control

    • Manuel Traunfellner

      on the other hand: it’s PTS so probably most of them are playing a ship they do not have on the regular server, fool around or just do not care at all.

  3. Oh god he use dubloons to refill consumables

  4. One of the few times someone doesn’t run the 5.9 in (150mm) guns on the Z-23. Good play at the end, with a bit of luck of Kiev running into a sinking hulk.

  5. That was craaaazy impressive. Most of the time, solo warrior is won because the enemy team let the player’s team cap everything and get a huge point lead. But this is the one time I actually saw a single player, with a big point deficit, wipe out four ships in a row alone.

  6. Has anyone tried a Leander with Concealment Expert? Plays like german dd but stronger guns.

  7. 1 enemy dd afk, 2 enemy bbs running in straight line – I wish my enemies were that dumb

  8. z celnością u niego to pożal się boże

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