Z-39 || 7 Kills – 2580 Base XP || World of Warships

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  1. The only reason this replay exists is the terrible play by the enemy Atlanta @ 5:05. That close to a DD and not prioritizing him is just straight up retardation. I mean, he even grounded. Any other player would have deleted this DD. Replay over.

    • thats wows in a nutshell 😛

    • Sean Harris you could say that to a lot of replays

    • The fact that the Atlanta CO did not prioritize the Z-39 is on him. I suspect he believed the DD really couldn’t hurt him. That would conclude their lack of knowledge of German AP shells and the power of the 15cm guns the Z-39 uses. That citadel that killed him was the icing on the cake. I’m also sure that the Zed CO’s pucker factor was high and didn’t relax until after he killed said Atlanta too. 🙂

  2. Got to the Atlanta then realised this is a set up game in order to make the 39 Sell ……Not a good ship at all

    • lol a set up game? i had an more impressive game.. 4 kills tho but 3000 base xp the dd is good if u understand the game

    • Michael Wall lol nah bro i think hes just dumb

    • I got a similar feeling… like this must be a staged game to help sell this ship… don’t think it is, but very weird gameplay on both sides…

    • jeova0sanctus0unus

      Its called “Morons behind the Wheel” how is it that you people still dont understand that? The internet has existed for some time!

  3. Either you know how OP the Z-39 is or you are about to realize how OP the Z-39 is… Just be aware the soon it will join the ranks of the Gremy and the Nikolai in ship that will only get sold on the holidays.

  4. nothing like a little PK replay and some pancakes!

  5. sorry but the only i can see is the useless team of both sides, no support no accurate shooting …… most the team of z39…. 10 min behind the island of A base 6 ships trying to kill one roma !!!!!! ofc gj to z39 !!!!!!!!

  6. 10:50 the deployment of the green muppets is the reason i uninstalled the game days ago. Great play by rieck tho.

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