Z-39 Destroyer Review | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Gameplay review of the German Destroyer Z-39 in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and Xbox 1.


  1. Great video was considering on if I should get the z-39

  2. My friend told me about this while I was at work. I hauled home and bought it immediately. Its a Z23 at T6 and I LOVE my shiny new DDs

    Also running Leviathan is probably your best perk if you have excess standard battle booster flags

  3. Walter's Syndicate

    Yay! Another german destroyer!

  4. do you have a ps4 community for member to post stats from the previous battle.

  5. thizzle wiggle661

    Is it worth the buy?

  6. I was waiting for this review so I knew how good the sonar was thank you so much Tbull

  7. ChristopheDepret

    You must pick 2 minutes in the end in the video to compare him among other premium and give your thought if it’s a good buy or there better option.
    I wanted this one so i bought but a lot wait your review to buy.

  8. Walter's Syndicate

    Tbull, you should do a no artillery challenge, secondaries and torps only

  9. Tbull can spee work well for this ship?

  10. Thou this ship is lack in dpm but it’s a fun ship to troll. The good hydro allowed you to sneak up other destroyer in their smoke and that 150 mm caliber AP can surprise other cruiser when they show their broadside.

  11. Ok so I main DDs, after a break I come back and see this thing z39 forsale… Imho the T61 makes the z39 redundant. T61 torp reload is 47 seconds with my Commander setup for bey swirs and Tyrwitt I believe. Its 90 second base torp reload on z39…

    • I think the Sonar on the Z-39 is the real game changer but ya I have the T-61 as well. It’s excellent.

  12. that does look like a very nice boat might reconsider on getting it

  13. Good video thanks.. Appreciate you telling others to help their teams Destroyers when they are under fire.

  14. Walter's Syndicate

    Been gone for 6 days. Alaska will be hella behind on research

  15. Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

    I play the PC version. What happens when you have a Swedish DD, which has no smoke but has good concealment at 7.0 with a torp and gun range at 10.0, How would you play that?

  16. Also thank you for mentioning that tid bit of covering your DD when they request fire support.

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