Z-39 is a BEAST! (World of Warships: Legends Xbox Series X 4K)

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  1. Be great if u can change the main perk of commanders, the commanders do lack in different perks set-up.
    Like only one for gun range with is the transformers one.

    • Thats literally why they have the “inspiration” mechanic my dude.

    • @DC5LVR there just to help the ship not really the commanders. Imagine if u could change the main perk of the main commander…
      Better if they added more camouflages an flags like PC.
      Those little flags would help so much

  2. Sorry, no, that whole spiel about having commanders legendary 4 perk be nearly unobtainable is ludicrous.

    Just because you’re a whale and cc, your experience is highly skewed. Average, common, players would never go for that. Only players like you would be able to get there, which is highly unfair to the non whale players. 15 commendations is waaay more than enough. Try putting yourself in the common players shoes.

    • Agreed, Im a day one and still dont have a 16/4 cmndr. Its already dumb spending 15 to get to max when you can use that to Lvl 3 others up

  3. Alexus dickus biggus

    With 10% boost to hipper sonar you get 6.16 km sonar not 6.3/6.4

  4. Idk man Gadjamada is dirty at t6. Deepwater torps yea sucks but savage guns with a radar.. a better black imho

  5. You have lost a sense of what is realistic for players. This is my main game, I play it most days, and yes I do have several 16/3 guys, I have no 16/4 guys. I consider the promotion an impossibility already.

  6. I dont agree to introduce new commanders Hipper , let me explain,
    New commanders are always welcomed but not everybody have that many resources to spend like you, instead i would focus on improving old commanders that are rarely used because, for example, their inspirations sux.

  7. I think loyang Will find an hard time fighting a z-39/35 , loyang guns have small caliber and low general health pool.

  8. I love my Z39! I use Blue… quick torp reload

  9. It is almost impossible to get 16 commendations to promote a 16/3 commander. Mimbelli has been waiting for a while now for me, as well as most cruisers and BB commanders

    • I admit I don’t play a lot. Probably 2k battles total. I don’t have a single commander 16/4. Between trying to keep up with some fun pay to win commanders, new ships… I still have focused a few lines with many commanders at 16/3, but man, 15 commendations is a lot.

    • it’s not worth it anyway. the resources are just better used getting big gains at lower levels than diminished returns at high level.

    • If you go to the store you can buy the exact commanders for commander points.(900,000). As well as the weekly 3 crates for 10 mil silver. If you focus on 1 commander at a time this process goes very quickly If your playing enough to earn the resources for this process.

  10. Hipper some ships have radars that can’t even reach 6km and you want to add a commander to increase the sonar range which will last 5-8X longer with no trade off? Also if they made commander ranking harder they’d just use it as something else to farm whales

  11. People like Z-35 because of the daka. Except the speed boost and the guns are basically the same.
    As for commanders, if you are on the “middle age” of having commanders and want something more, i suggest you set a goal of upgrading every standard commander to 16/4 and then we can talk about getting them higher.
    Like I said on yesterday’s video, having commanders received 12/2 already saves you a lot of resources.
    Come Halloween, just 3 commanders level 2 is 12 UCs and almost enough to upgrade one from 3 to 4…

  12. I’ve been play nog for 3 years now and I do not have one single commander 16/4, I have a few 16/3 but getting 15 universal commendations for 1 level up is ridiculous

  13. Old footage Weimar is still tier 6 in this

  14. New F2P commanders are welcome so long as they have something to bring to the table, and a slight bump to resource rewards as dupes can get really frustrating to achieve 16/3 or 4. I can see why there aren’t many Z-39s on the water though. I was interested in getting this whip when I had a coupon discount but decided not to.
    Smokescreen ✅
    Sonar ✅
    Speed Boost ✅
    Gun Layout 🚩

    2/3rds of Z-39s fire power is in the rear which forces one to give broadside to get them in the game to fight against threats.

  15. It’s ALREADY extremely difficult to get a commander to legendary rank 4! Are you nuts?
    WG is so tight with commendations. I’ve been playing since alpha, and have TWO commanders at 16/4

  16. Hipper you’re absolutely crazy fully maxing out commanders is already absurdly expensive lol
    I’ve been playing daily for years I only have 3 maxed.
    If you don’t buy lots of accommodations it takes forever.

  17. I have played both a lot and prefer the 35 for its better guns and handling.

  18. Thanks for the vid Hipper. I managed to get this boat in the treasure hunt. It’s become my favorite DD also. Slow reload, so don’t miss when you do shoot is what I’ve learned. Often the hard way lol.

  19. hey VII Hipper, gg as always. can i make a request if possible? When you show great battles of a ship, like this one for example, could you put the build in the description? For example commander and inspirations and ship’s equipment

  20. You “tricked” me into buying this ship. Had never payed much attention to it. Thank you👏👏 I love it😊 It plays so smooth and “controled”. Can’t stop playing it👊

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