Z-39: Sneaky DD – World of Warships

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has surprisingly good concealment for her tier, and for a German destroyer. In fact, most of Z-39’s characteristics can be described the same way. Her 150 mm guns are some of the largest put on a destroyer in World of Warships, only matched by those available to her German compatriots Z-23 and Ernst Gaede. She has surprisingly despite lacking access to Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.), and a decent striking arm of torpedoes which fairly fast and travel quickly.


  1. Ftw NC and Azuma

  2. Thanks for this video. It will help me a bit more to understand how to “barely” play it ^^

  3. Great gameplay. But in your opinion which is the better armory ship, yoshino or Jean Bart?

  4. Its not a carier hmmm

  5. Torpedo reload on German DDs is so useful, especially considering T-61 is a torpedo boat and thus one hell of a trainer. With the recent price drop and half off on modules currently, it might finally be time to get my Z-39.

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