Z-42 Quick Stat Boost – World of Warships

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Once WG finally updated their API and stat pages got all ships properly listed, this one appeared relatively low on stats for me, but with only few battles under its belt, it was never gonna be a long grind.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I thought I would comment, but I don’t have anything smart to add, so I decided I won’t…..

  2. I recently started playing again and i still ususally place in the top half after a 2 year break. Fun game. Great teams.

  3. Returning to the game after 5 years.
    That’s a mega oof.

  4. Please more z 42 gameplays

  5. Flambass for an even bigger challenge have one of your botes have 69,420 avg dmg

  6. Z-42 is one of my favorite DDs in the game, just the combo of the wonderfull RN smokes with the 6km hydro makes it so versatile and fun to hunt down enemy DDs. You can easily score 4.5k to 6.2k hits with AP into DD broadsides 😀

  7. Christopher Hussey

    Cool, I made a Flambino video… sweetness

  8. CatOfSchroedinger

    loved the delaying action on A. Always underrated. The denial gameplay is the MVP’s move.

  9. Great opening on many videos is the empty seat with the game starting! Haaa Great game man!

  10. I have never heard of this ship before lol

  11. I was in the Closed beta test and really enjoyed playing but when WG nerfed the Cleveland and a few others I fell out of love with WoW’s , I’ve started playing again in the last few months but I have to say the game is hard work compared to how it used to be . Submarines really spoil the game as it’s useless having a stealthy Destroyer , you get spotted far to quickly and easily now . I’ve decided on going down the Japanese and European Destroyer tech tree lines as they seem to be the best Torpedo Ships .

  12. How do I lock armaments? I’ve tried finding a video but nothing yet.

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