Z-52 – 268k dmg with 27 torp hits || World of Warships

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  1. 07:15 First hits

  2. Nathan Hartanto

    16:06 missed opportunity for double strike, but then again he might be dying of laughter there

  3. Not shooting at Hindy triggered me…reminds me of DDs trying to torp each other at lower tiers while each of them have less than 500hp left.

  4. bad DD gameplay for me and realy potato enemies *smile*

  5. This is the DD play style I like, let the torpedoes do the talking for you!

  6. Imagine that. A DD that uses smoke for decoy and baiting, not to hide in. Dangerous… for the unsuspecting.

  7. 3:11 only the sharpest ears or the most attentive will hear it.

  8. lol that was really good but you have sooooooooo many lucky they go for your torps battle 1 : 10000000 😉 congrat

  9. More and more often , it looks like a player can only have a decent game ONLY WHEN THERE’S NOT A CV IN THE GAME!

  10. Just 40iq white line torping. Could last bb just with snoke and hydro.

  11. I can’t, for the life of me, think of a reason, why I knew before I started the video there were not CV. I must be clairvoyant… Yes, that must be it…. ^^

  12. Wow tier 10 match and the big dumb battleship players still travel in straight lines, this replay wouldn’t have been nearly as good if the BB players knew how to use the A and D keys better. Still an impressive match none the less.

  13. come on missed a double strike there, my god

  14. Torp boat Z52 is surprisingly effective. Still the fact that he didn’t exploit opportunities to use the German AP (like that 250hp Hinden) is aggravating.

  15. oh a rare game that no Cv to find him

  16. Nice catch from alsace

  17. nice game which DD u think is most effective as torp type DD?

  18. Without using predictive aiming – impressive

  19. This was very impressive. I love seeing captains who know their ship, class and how to drive them. Congratulations and well done.

  20. Wish I had teams that dumb to play against. Just keep pushing into a DD with no radar, and not course correcting every 20 seconds… esh.

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