Z-52 and the Power of Hydro – World of Warships

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PrivatePinguin X
Using the for our teams advantage as well as the environment to win an already lost battle. Final 1 BB, 2 CAs 1 in close combat. Don’t underestimate the firepower the Z 😉

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  1. first! wow pls kill me

  2. mein guter alter PZK Buddy Pingu 🙂

  3. Gegnerisches Schlachtschiff versenkt!

  4. Apotheosis final!!!

  5. deie power des deutschen Hydro, einfach geil und genial.

  6. how many he salvos did he shoot because he had 212 hits and only 3 fires

  7. Wp game 😀 he carried the potatoes!

  8. Really nice synergy with the shima. Great work and great replay, thanks for uploading.

  9. One of the funny things about this stupid game (i like it, but it s very stupid) is that you can’t see destroyers from distance even though it’s making a shit load of black smoke… like seriously? haha

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