Z-52 Deals with it All – World of Warships

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I end up all over the map to help my win it in my , I have to overcome some scary situations. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Destroyer Z-52 Replay

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  1. first hehe 🙂

  2. Pls show your ship build 🙂

  3. Where are builds of ships at the beggining of movie? 😀

  4. Thunderstor deadliest Stor there is. :3

  5. Gun boat bild . He show it many times . German ships are left behind with every update. Notser I hope all CC can make a push for some improvements on German line .

  6. My build for German DDs is very similar except that I take SI instead of BFT. While 10% faster dacca is nice, I find the extra charges of smoke, hydro, speed boost incredibly invaluable as I always find myself using all four charges aggressively. Plus I also use this captain on the Z-39 and BFT would be a waste for me.

  7. Your Friendly midway shouldn’t have died, but they decided to stay in one place. If they had kept themselves on the move near friendly territory, would have had a better chance. Situational awareness is key, knowing whats going on around you and others. I get being closer to the action is nice, stationary target is easier prey. Just poor play on his part.

  8. Turning sharply also helps to avoid those damned islands.

  9. I’ve been watching WWII ship videos and have been drooling about German scout cruisers and the possibility of new Italian cruisers.

  10. They STILL haven’t fixed THUNDER STOR

  11. You just know you’re going to die if Notser is trying to keep you alive, it’s like being a redshirt in Star Trek 😉

  12. another awesome vid, thank you notser. I have a quick question, what settings do I need to have my wow graphics on to get the best picture quality, right now it seems a little fuzzy. thanks

  13. Wasn’t there an AC/DC title named?

  14. In my opinion, the Z-52 was far superior when it first came out and it had the almost unique ability to stealth fire at tier 10. You only had a 1. 1 Km window but it wasn’t hard to figure out how to make the most of that window

  15. Enjoyed it mate, what’s the build?

  16. 4th ship play video in a row that I’ve got nothing to pick on your about. haha! 🙂 Hey, you took a lot of damage but again, you accomplished a needed role and threw a wrench in their works with aggressive play, then stayed alive to effect the end. Great game play and a cool video. Thanks Notser.

  17. I have every Tier 10 Destroyer in the game except for the German DDs. I’ve never seen the point in play that line of ships. The whole ship like just seems to be Meh, I hardly ever see one impress me in battle.

  18. Very, very glad to have changed to this build, Hadn’t played the 52 for a while, but she plays like a slower maneuvering Daring now, especially when AR kicks in, wow! Again I hear your voice whenever a particular moment comes into play, “AP on the broadside,” and now when debating the sanity of a risky move I hear “Ya gotta risk-it fer the biscuit.” The sonar however puts Daring to shame, running Vigilance with one of the Von Jutland brothers at the helm =) On a push Every torp is spotted well in advance, though like you I often wonder how players I am screening for get hit, even once spotted I lay on the horn for full duration. Suffice to say whenever you feature this ship I take notice, as the first 3 lines I grinded were the German ships, so 52 has a special place in my heart. May surprise the clan mates this season when every once in a while I opt to take her over the Gearing.

  19. Try gun build for Yugumo, 5.1 sec gun reload and 80 sec torp reload.
    I like Yugumo more than Shima tbh.

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