Z-52 killing USS Black – and 7 more :-P World of Warships

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Player: Capt_Rye
Map: Okinawa

User Description:

My best game so far in z52 with 8 . not the highest or best exp game ive ever had but still up there.

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  1. lots of sound bugs, near the end of the video the sounds are about 3-4 seconds ahead of the visuals

  2. What was that Black driver doing? The Z-52 fired nine volleys (i.e. 54 shots!) at him and he didn’t fire a single one in return.

  3. Good gameplay but the quality is really poor in comparison to other videos.. that sound?

  4. was expecing at least 200k dmg for that many kills but most ware low hp, gg tho

  5. the audio bugs out halfway through and starts lagging behind :/

  6. A Capt_Rye vid he already posted days ago.

  7. What has to be whether or not the black is killed, and any ship and can be sunk zz

  8. Ive been noticed 😀 thanks for directing people to my channel to Panzer

  9. The audio glitches really kill this video.

  10. video needs to reencoded its audio is screwed up, sounds like u were doing something during the encoding process that spiked the cpu…framerate suffers at times as well.

  11. 7:50 just press X for target, why not ?

  12. Sry guys, sound is a bit off sometimes…
    i dont know why, – i have some problems with Youtube last couple of days, videos dont buffer, very slow loading, very annoying.
    try to fix it as fast as possible….
    all other internet and websites working as intended – no problem at all – only youtube.


  13. What kind Commander xp Bost at the end of game is that too see…..CommanderBost50%,soviet Hunter 50%,At Flag 50 % ???

  14. lol black potato

  15. Panzörknöckör 😀

  16. wait wait wait… did that shimakaze ate a torpedo at 2k hp and lived?? right at the start

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