Z-52 TOP DMG all server || World of Warships

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Player: ace855
Map: Northern Lights

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  1. first 😛
    this is how you can the german DD get to work
    have fun

  2. for something that come late when ppl already test possible tactic try
    error method to win for the old ship, thus low death rate for each game
    play by percentage have the highest win rate ……. yea you can say it top
    damage for all server, wonder what will happen if it release from the open

  3. I’m guy on Khaba. I remember this battle, german hydro is terryfying. Nice
    job ace you have almost killed me GG.

  4. Natthaphong Wongwai

    11:35 kurfurst detonation

  5. Necrophilia @ 9:46

  6. where come from the music in open intruction ? plz

  7. What are the good german DDs?

  8. i have done 292k dmg, 288k is not highest

  9. not top dmg lol

  10. What flag is that?

  11. polish gamer :DDDD

  12. That DD’s shooting sound is just like a machinegun. cool.

  13. hmm he is ony sneaking around firing his torps… i can do the same with
    the kagero with way better torps… way more boom and longer range …

  14. woulda killed the khab if he didnt fire AP all the time

  15. Excellent

  16. i m on t5 german dd and the exact same thing happens to it….. every shot
    breaks some module… mostly engine n rudder so fucking annoying

  17. Assuming that you hold on from firing guns, the good stealth makes for a
    good torpedo boat. Yes alpha damage is no Shimakaze or Gearing but reloads
    are much faster.

  18. 13:55 was a nooby retreat

  19. That’s a little pathetic that a T10 has not had a single game with 300K
    damage. Then again the German DDs haven’t had much time yet so…

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