ZAO 344K Damage || World of Warships

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  1. In good hands Zao still the best cruiser in the game !!

  2. I don”t get how he’s shooting when the aims are not even locked

  3. The fade away on the Worcester is so disrespectful by the way

  4. Ну что, ублюдки играющие от островов. Выкусили? Вот так играется нормальный крейсер. А за островами долбоебы-аутисты только стоят.

  5. Pls do more

  6. I want such an enemy too. I’ve played a lot Zao recently for the legendary upgrade. BB don’t sail in straight lines into my torps and when I get spotted I have immediately 5 or 6 ships targeting me. Everybody knows how dangerous the Zao can be. Even if I retreat further behind my BBs, they are still shooting me, even if they can’t hit me. They just don’t care….

  7. “Make them think you are far when you are close, Make them think you are close when you are far. when then are far, annoy them with rising sun HE. This is the art of fine dining”

    -Sun Tzao; The Art Of Warships

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