Zao against 3 BBs fourious END – World of Warships

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Player: Captain_Tourette
Map: Warriors Path

User Description:

After a bad start it turns into a really nice (very lucky) finish for victory! Wait for Zao-Dance… :p

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  1. very nice game, well played

  2. good game. well done

  3. Hey ich habe noch mehere geniale replays kann ich dir die besten davon 3-4
    einfach so schicken? lg

  4. if it was me, i would of gotten nailed by that NC right through the nose

  5. No other Cruiser could pull that off. Zao just has the armor, the guns,
    torps and the speed.

  6. I remember that Match i kinda threw hard at the end.

  7. Hans Wurst (thirt13n)

    Wow that ending, nice job.

  8. that shima lol what can i say

  9. Vely honorabel

  10. lol nice one…

  11. I’m less than 100k away from mine! :)

  12. Dat is some fine Zao-ing right there.

  13. behind of the BB… Zao camper.

  14. Indeed, really nice finish

  15. At 2:57 can someone explain to me why the ship disappeared then reappeared
    like that? I see it happen a lot and I keep wondering if it’s my computer
    or just game play. Anyone?

  16. gg ^^

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