Zao AP vs 2 Minotaurs =) World of Warships

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  2. Minotards

  3. ahoi, flamu on the ennemy team as Harugumo..kek

  4. People underestimate Zao AP all the time. They see the Zao as a flamethrower, almost entirely forgetting that it does in fact HAVE AP. I’ve watched Zao’s dev strike hindenburgs that go broadside because “it’s just a Zao, he’ll only use HE anyway”

  5. never seen a so brutal idiots mino divi xDD

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Fun fact. ZAO 203mm AP – has the highest pen of all 203mm (100mm more than DM – 200mm more than Hinden at point blank) – at all ranges.

  7. I haven’t played a Zao or Mino yet, but most ingame 203’s can pen just about anything showing broadside at reasonable range, and since most British CL’s have soda can armor, I’m gonna guess, “That’s a paddlin'” applies..

  8. I like you game play

  9. 3:25 was a citadel… how?

  10. When u could decide…on which ship would go as a captain into a sea battle?

  11. make the secondaries so fast as on haroguma…same turrets and guns:)

  12. I tried the zao with full stealth and with RPF. It worked like a charm against enemy cruisers.

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