Zao BEAST – 295k DMG – 6 kills – YAMAMOTO – 2865 base XP || World of Warships

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Zao BEAST – 295k DMG – 6 kills – YAMAMOTO – 2865 base XP || World of Warships
Player: Pelotacas_The_Killer X Zao
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  1. Zao the Beast. Yamamoto edition

  2. Wanna get Zao but also wanna get G.K….so confuse which to get

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Good old Senjo does it all

  4. That did not look too exciting, the enemies rarely shot him and he did not torp that edinburgh in the beginning. I mean not bad but not amazing either.

  5. what is zao reload time after yamamoto kraken buff? 8-9 seconds?

  6. A team hidden behind the islands and the other leaving, one by one, towards meat grinder.

  7. A potato shooting a Potato team

  8. Is that Zao? Not des moines? Lol

  9. wanna see yamato with yamamoto+adrenaline rush 😀

  10. 8.5 second reload on a Zao. Welcome to blazing hell.

  11. All hail to Zamamoto

  12. How about 155mm Mogami with Yamamoto :D… about 5 secs reload? Welcome to Hell…. BBs

  13. Boring as fuck game. Basically a decent player farming a bunch of fucking retards… Look at the Kagero on his team… typical glue eating dogshit IJN DD player

  14. It’s boring…

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