Zao brutality: 281k DMG – World of Warships

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Player: abacs21
Map: Loop

User Description:

My new record with a few shenanigans, satisfying at the end. I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to it 🙂

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  1. Have all the metals, why not? :D

  2. 22 fires and no arsonist medal lol?

  3. Андрей Семилетов

    круто воюешь,мне нравится,часто смотрю.

  4. 22 feuers… nicht schlecht…

  5. Is his back ok though?

  6. 22 fires? wtf. i play the zao with 24% fire chance and i’m lucky to get 8

  7. Awesome ship and awesome player, what more can you say. Right now I’m
    grinding the Ibuki, and can’t wait to unlock the Zao.

    Of course I’m no where close to being the pro this guy is, but the Zao
    still looks like an incredibly fun ship to play, even though my numbers and
    scores will pale compared to what I saw in this game.

  8. Suggested upgrades?

  9. perfect aim … gj

  10. setting a fire every single salvo…

  11. Chris Sclater (TheUnsquishedGoomba)

    I feel sorry for that Edinburgh, personally. I expected him to be the first
    cruiser on abacs’ team to die, but not quite like that.

  12. Антон Амосов

    103K fire damage. No troubles with fire in this game. I’ll be back to Wows,
    when they fix it.

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