Zao First Look! in World of Warships Legends

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Zao is the newest Legendary Tier Cruiser in World of Warships Legends, topping of the top of the Japanese heavy cruiser line. She is available in the bureau for research. Check out this cruiser gameplay, and ship review to see if she is worth bringing to your port!


If you’re new to the game, use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


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  1. I’m going for Bourgogne and Colombo right now, but after those I might consider zao. Also, can Repub overmatch zao, because if I remember correctly the 17in overmatch 30mm armor?

  2. That poor Hizen… I think you showcased Zao well, think I’ll enjoy her 🔥🔥🔥

  3. I’m glad this isn’t an Azuma, but a Suzuya.

  4. Great video as always. Thank you for it.

    I wish we could look at the stats like we can with the TT ships while we wait for her to unlock. I got the project the second it dropped and dumped all my research points into her. I am doing all I can to resist the urge to dump doubloons into it too. Its hard being patient lol. I was anticipating ibuki being a roadblock so I ground her out and glad I did.

    I cannot stand shite dd play like that shim at 330. just shaking my head at the terrible dd play recently. Its a common theme with posts. Sadly wargammings “tips” are often inaccurate and poor choices. Its little wonder why we have so many potatoes.

    I do wish we could get al atago, or in leu of that, another commander with the same specs. I love this line and would get it in a heartbeat if I could.

    I actually enjoy agile builds on harassers like this. You can wiggle from shots if you are paying attention. However she is solid and nimble otherwise. Its a bob and weave cruiser for sure. harass withdraw harass again. However concealment is key. Its nice to see the longer range torps on her as I loved to area torp from concealment.

    I had her on PC and she was a monster there and made grinding through ibuki and mogami worthwhile. She was a loved ship for clan wars there as you could send her weak side and she could scout and harass. If it got too hot go dark, withdraw and reposition and do it all over again.

    I would have loved some time on the stat screens to get a better look at her.

    • Tune into the stream and I can try and stay on the stats screen longer. I may test her agile…but the damage is just too fun

    • Agile is a relative term…without going “full Hipper”, these Japanese cruisers are still nimble enough to juke shots at range.

      Mikawa gives you faster turrets, 42 knots, and the indicator of how many ships are intent on ruining your day…

      Atago gives you fires, fires, and more fires 🔥

      Both are great fun, really 😂

  5. Waiting for Yodo but Zoe looks amazingly fun 🤩 🎉❤

  6. I’ll always listen to A tier CCs….I get the same experience from tier 5 to LT…

  7. Love the review and breakdown. Thank you.🍻
    Now, what to do…get AM Sumner or this project lol. Need to grind silver i guess 😂

    • Tough choice. I think tier 8s are still discounted right now? A week or two ago I bought 5 or 6, tier 8 tech ships since they were only like 17 or 18 million credits instead of 25 million

    • @@DerkaGames yep. Still on discount. 17something mil for t8 right now.

  8. First time viewer, nice vid man defo subscribing.

    I know everyone that their mother is gonna use AL Atago commander on Zao but I hope someone can post a vid with one of the stock commanders

  9. @stupidkoreangamer9398

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for

  10. As usual, Derka has it spot on. Torp angles can get you splatted, but damn this thing hits hard.

  11. @kimmikxgaming5010

    I can now understand why it took long for this boat to arrive…it has counters now it’s a great boat

  12. How dare you tell all the crayon eaters about brake and turn out! Zao looks spicy tho 🤤

  13. Can you please try out the commander “Arpeggio Haguro” on the Zao….she turn my cruisers into HE slappers.
    I know this isn’t about this ship…but Godzilla commander is back…for me the best Japanese battleship commander. Hope if you Godzilla it works out like it helped my gameplay.

    • I’ll test her out =)

    • I was gonna ask pretty much the same thing about ARP Nachi. You seemed quite fond of her in your review of her. I’m wondering if an AP focused build would suit Zao well? (I myself am loving using Nachi at the moment. I used her and AL Baltimore a lot in the current brawl with some ludicrous and fun results using their special skills).

  14. OMG, The DMG is spicy on this ship, can’t wait to roll and brawl in this ship, Nice game man,
    Nice capture on the dd goes boom 💥 make a short of that 😅😅😅

  15. Definitely a good tip, you need to improvise and find someones pattern, if they go from unpredictable to predictable, they will have to rethink their strategy, i once tried to find the pattern of a Khaba player, he was trying to avoid, once i knew that he got into the habit of me firing guns and was easily avoiding i decided to delay every turret and it worked out, he took a shell right trough the bow, when you improvise killing agile ships will be much easier

    • @captainphilips5469

      When juking with the Khaba you can watch the turrets of enemy BBs and see if they are aiming ahead of you or behind, because that thing can take off like a rocket, actually can start moving forwards before a salvoe fired while it was reversing reaches it.

      The rudder however is situational and pretty much useless but is the balancing factor, that and Shimakaze.

    • It’s the best thing ive found to deal dodging cruisers! That and maybe ripple firing, or firing one gun to make an enemy bleed their speed, and following up with a KO

  16. Cant wait for this ship, my first T10 ships on wows pc in 2015 now come into Legends!

  17. Finally, my time has come. Ijn cruisers were my first line and i still love them to this day.

    • Me too!..well i did grind both the american bb and ijn cruiser line very first two lines pretty much in tandom. To say the least 30mil is the only thing stopping me😍

    • Aside from the excitement of Suzuya, this is the most fun I’ve had in an IJN Cruiser to date. You will love this ship =)

  18. @patrickmiller8969

    I’m liking the ship Zao, looks fun

  19. You have BY FAR the best first look videos. I watch others and still have doubts on the build I want to go with. After watching your videos I know exactly what build I plan to do. Thank you for your time.

  20. “Be sure to work your way up the line so you know how to play it.” The player-base doesn’t understand that type of language.
    Looks like the ship may be worth the 30 mil.
    I wish they’d add a price tag to the Yammy or Shima projects. It’s not too late!

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