ZAO – Kraken with the new 12km Torpedo System || World of Warships

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  1. Holy shit. A 12 km torpedo system for the zao? Now the zao can be played as a torpedo cruiser/mega destroyer. Lol

  2. i’ve been asking for this for months. zao torps were worthlesse before. they were only good for yolo rushes

  3. Spacial Sonic777

    Zao is a new poi poi poi poi

  4. And still 9,7 invisibility?

  5. Роман Шундрик

    disballanced and need nerf

  6. The Minotaur can stealth torp as well, so I don’t see why people have a problem with this

    • Tiago Casquinho

      NightSniper2 exactly my thought, the zao isn’t bad at anything, but neither real good at anything, it’s a very balanced mediocre-strong cruiser that deserves to be tier10

  7. Kratos Snk Espanglish

    holy shit x2 good men

  8. Parabéns salve Brazilian vc joga muito!!!

  9. They really want to crush Hindenburgs position. I mean where is the point playing her instead of the Zao now ? Only advantages are HP, AA and turret rotation. In everything else the Zao shits on the Hindenburg. This reload nerf is so unnecessary…
    Great carry btw.

    • Hindenburg is more tanky in close combat. I would never try to engage 2 BBs in a Zao, with Hindenburg was ok. And the Hindenburg AP is better then Zao one too.

    • Close combat superiority is true, but the opportunities to use it are rare in high tier.
      Hindenburgs AP just got more dmg, but Zaos got better pen, id say they re equal there.

    • well, while the Hindenburg has a bit less HEDPM than Zao, she still has a bit more than 100k APDPM more than Zao, more base range (enough to take reloadmod), also Hindenburg has better HEPen

    • oh, right, I forgot, the Zao also has worse turret angles, so she needs to wiggle more to use all turrets

  10. Flandre Scharnhorst Shiina

    That Montana…

  11. Gokhan J. Yenigun

    I never watch the video in which the player plays with camera a lot for no reason. Dislike!

  12. Yeah stealth torp!!

  13. Naja… gestern insgesammt 3 Zaos gesprengt, als sie ihre Breitseite zeigten um Torps zu schmeißen. Eine davon komplett onehit vernichtender Schlag und das mit der NC. (da soll nochmal einer sagen T8 im TX Gefecht bringt nix).

  14. И что Зао в этом бою сделал такого, чего не смог бы сделать 10 км торпедами? Нихуя. Оба сброса торпед были в пределах 10 км, остальное обычный артиллерийский бой. Блядь кликбейт ебаный.

  15. Moin, das Video ist zeitgemäß und zeigt wie stark die Zao mit den 12 km ist. Aber mal ehrlich, der Star im Video ist die Montana 😍 das ist richtig gut. Das Video aus der Sicht der Montana wäre auch interessant. Lg

  16. The player with Kagero and his division should have change game. Il subumano con il Kagero e la sua divisione dovrebbero cambiare gioco

  17. Michael Kröger

    danke -hätte ich sonst nicht mitbekommen..

  18. John Chucky Tomlinson

    That was “Cool” how he just let him flood out not even looking.. Like a big dog…..🚢

  19. Really Surprised by his Montana;;
    He just Erase everything

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