ZAO || one mistake can cost you all – World of Warships

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Player: Psychoeddy Ship: Zao Map: Ice Islands

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  1. that was good charge the ambush tho – PK would have made a good Ranger

  2. The double citadel in the smoke tho

  3. His aim ist not really the best..?

  4. Noooo noob lol

  5. Ronald de Rooij

    I think the title should read “everything” instead of “all” unless you mean the whole team and not only this player. If so, then “all” is correct.

  6. all dd dead early? ops normal.

  7. The end kill is at the perfect time ^^

  8. MOWA Most Wanted

    Gratz, my clanmate!

  9. I’m sorry but what was so special about this game? And trust me I’m not a potato who says “if only that could have been me”. I’m good at the game and expect something a tad better

  10. Glückwunsch Eddy

  11. matthias prince

    I was the St Louis in this game and i made 230k damages too, ZAO and me did not managed to carry this garbadge team… :/

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