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  1. ZAO is the time to strike!

  2. Alexander Clazie

    I have the ZAO and I can’t do this like what the heck

  3. Davide Simonazzi

    Instant like for Zao!

  4. Following the shots is such a pleb move.

  5. if only he had Yamamoto…

  6. Ummm can someone get me doubloons to swap for free xp that i can get the ship lol kidding enjoyed it havent work on the Japanese cruiser line but just seeing this game makes me wanna start hahah got the german destroyers British BBs French and German cruiser so im gona switch to Japenese cruisers😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😂😎😂😎😂😎😂😎😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  7. #howazaoshouldbeplayed #notyouraveragehedamagefarmingzao #zaozao

  8. He got lucky the enemy was worse than he was regarding tactics. You don’t want to be in the upper left hand corner of the map in epicenter.

    • Goran Radosevic

      No. He did everything right tactic-wise. You can tell it by the angling. Zao is a delicate beast and you need to have some experience at decision making – when to push and when to kite away. This guy nailed it.

      Also – being here or there, mid or at the border depends on how well you can read the enemy movement and which flank needs to be reinforced. Again – this dude got it right. Your argument would be valid if he remained at the border for the rest of the match. After repelling the enemy, he immediately went to the south.

  9. Learned the “Z” in Zao stands for the z on the keyboard

  10. Can’t tell what is worse: scroll zooming players or shot following players. But I do know that both are unwatchable.

  11. Of course Sneakysnake play’s the Zao but i’m sure that Puddin can do it better 😉😉😍😉😍

  12. I expected more from him, all that shot following is terrible and not needed

  13. Hello, can someone help me please i can’t enable the replay system in game. Than you!

    • Alfred Conqueror

      Dan George you can use the nvidia Replay if you gpu is at least a 1050. Or download the tool from the webpage of WoWS

  14. kotori teitokou小鳥提督

    Lucky Z-23

  15. Super Bitwa ! Pozdro ARES !!

  16. Fürs andauernde Z-gedrücke wie immer einen Daumen runter

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