ZAO Torpedo BEAST || World of Warships

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  1. Scrollzoooooooom……. i get dizzy from watching that

  2. No camo, really ???

  3. seriously why do you feature crap like this, scroll zooming, no camo wtf

    • Seriously, as long as it’s an interesting match, i don’t care if its no camo or scroll zoom, given that he has lots of signal flags on, i assume he ran out of a type of camo he was using, and forgot to put on a new one. Besides, it’s personal preference weather to use scroll zoom or shift.

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      manthanboeing its tard thing to walk a mountain instead of jump straight on it if u can..

    • no, it’s personal preference, might be slower, but the player in question seems to be fine with it.

  4. Naked Zao even

  5. like, what did that Iowa think he was gonna do?

  6. Know your ship, know your opponent … tdo they not know that the ZAO has torps at those Tiers

  7. Some distant constellation in Orion belt had to align perfectly to give him this amount of luck… he gave way too many broadsides that enemy team failed to punish, yet enemy team was painfully bad. And oh, Iowa player is the most oblivious BB I’ve ever seen.

  8. I love it when at 9:35 to 10:00, instead of fleeing or hiding, it takes the risk of being shelled to ensure the course of the torpedoed ship.

  9. Scroll zoom vomit


  11. Kazeshini Hasagi

    Hey u can shift for instant max zoom
    *scrolling like a 5 year old 1st time using a mouse* …

  12. Sebastian Wolfram

    Scroll zooming… Daumen runter!

  13. Made it 2 min, no more. Scroll zoom and no camo Zao, not gonna support that.

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