► World of Warships Pensacola vs Des Moines: Gameplay / Preview – Road To Des Moines!

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World of Warships Pensacola Gameplay, Tier 7 US Navy Cruiser. World of Warships Cruiser Class Guide/Tutorial. Road to Des Moines.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

We have Yamato in our port, so… What next?
We are grinding with US Navy cruisers and destroyers, so most likely it is going to be either “Gearing”, tier 10 destroyer or “Des Moines”, tier 10 cruiser.
In today’s episode, where we cover tier 7 cruiser Pensacola, we are going to meet with one of our goals, “Des Moines”. Are we going to be able to take it down?

Well, sit back and take a look yourself!

What do you want to see next?

Enjoy! 😉



  1. 🙁 You make me sad.. I got into the closed beta and then my laptop broke…
    now I have to wait another one and a half weeks before I even hear if my
    laptop can get fixed… I was only at the St. Louis even… *sigh* Sad
    Panda.. SAD SAD PANDA…

    Epic game though… still looks good!

  2. I didn’t find the Pepsi to be *worse* than the Cleveland. She is, however,
    very different and trying to play her like the Cleveland is going to be
    miserable. You’re fragile, you don’t have the weight of fire. What you do
    have is good long-range accuracy and high shell velocity with hard-hitting
    8-inch shells that can do some serious damage even to battleships coupled
    with good maneuverability. As a long-range skirmisher, the Pensacola can
    really lay down the hurt while dodging a lot of incoming fire. It perhaps
    helps if you’ve played japanese cruisers and hence know your way around
    such a glass cannon, but once you got her figured out, the Pepsi can be a
    really fun ship.

  3. Only thing better Pensacola has over Cleveland is 8inch caliber guns.
    However, it is a 14 year older design than Cleveland, which has better
    armor and secondaries and other stuff. Cleveland will probably be given a
    buff and moved to tier 8, other cruisers will be moved around and the their
    will be a split between Light Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers.

  4. Dez, here’s a clue… CAs are supposed to get wrecked when going up against
    a BB. The Pensacolas were not a good design. Whoever decided to put the
    triple turrets on up off the main deck made these very top heavy and
    susceptible to rolling which threw off accuracy.

  5. I think it’s rather the opposite with cruisers vs battleships. Shells take
    a lot of time to travel over long distances, so when a battleship shoots at
    cruiser at about 10km, the cruiser (being very agile) can just change its
    course when he sees that the battleship has fired and easily dodge the
    shells; whereas the battleship (being slow, it turns VERY slowly) can’t
    dodge the cruiser’s shells. So all a cruiser has to do is stay at a good
    distance and just dodge the battleship’s shells and pepper the battleship
    with its own shells.

  6. I would really like to see some Dynamic Duo action :D!

  7. so i heard jingles saying this is probably going to hit open beta in a
    month or two. can’t wait! :D

  8. Some Minekaze action would be nc!

  9. i would want to see some premium ship action 😀 Maybe Iwaki alpha or the
    other prem ships :D

  10. I win duels against cleavelands in my Pepsi cola all the time because they
    think ROF means no aim required. How did your boilers like 203 mm shells
    jimmy boy

  11. When fighting battleships, fight them at the edge of your range, if you’re
    good, you can dodge a lot of shots and may be able to do enough damage to
    destroy a damaged BB because cruisers have high DPS, higher than BB’s DPS
    actually. BB’s win in firepower though because of their guns sheer
    penetrating power and size.

    In reality though, you shouldn’t be playing the way I just said, unless you
    have no choice. Cruisers are meant to stay together in groups supporting
    BB’s, other cruisers, and destroyers. A BB and a Cruiser are a perfect
    team, and in good hands they can be unstoppable against an unorganized
    enemy. Torpedo planes get chopped up by the cruisers AA guns, especially
    the “Y” AA ability, skewing their torpedoes and protecting battleships, if
    destroyers go after the group, the high rate of fire and accuracy of
    Cruisers guns can protect BB’s against destroyers too. If BB’s or cruisers
    are encountered, the BB can make quick work of them protecting the cruiser.
    A Cruiser and a BB are an ultimate team, complementing each others
    abilities, and covering up each others weaknesses.

  12. I don’t know why they put the Pensacola at a higher tier than the
    Cleveland. The Cleveland has blatantly better stats.

    Also Des Moines wins hands down. Pensacola is basically lower than T6, and
    Des Moines is T10

  13. cruisers in wows always look like aa cruisers for fleet aa purpose

  14. Battleships should win against Cruisers 1on1…… it’s the

  15. More destroyers!

    NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(

  17. I missed the stream again! damnit! I wish you would at least post an update
    on YouTube saying when your streaming. how am I supposed to Tip(give) you
    money if you don’t tell me?

    Anyway some nice gameplay in the Pensacola showing off the 203mm(8
    inch)cannons it has but your correct the Cleveland does have a better ROF
    but that is down to it using 152mm(6 inch)cannons. Your also discounting
    the fact that the 203mm cannons let you stay farther away from
    BB’s…letting you dodge their return fire with more time to spare.

  18. I actually like the Pensacola just as much as the Cleveland. The 8 inch
    guns on the Pepsi Cola penetrate BBs and CAs much more readily than the
    Cleveland’s 6 inch guns. They also do a lot more damage when you get a
    citadel hit, evidenced by the 11k damage hit you got on the Mogami in this
    match. It reminds me of the difference between the Fuso and the Nagato. The
    Fuso has more guns and is easier to play, but if you aim well and get
    citadel hits, the Nagato is a better ship. 

  19. Another good one,you are the man !

  20. About the situation were cruisers cant compete with battleships. Im pretty
    sure they werent designed to do that and besides do we wajt this game to
    have the situation that we have in world of tanks right now? As in the tier
    10 mediums outmatch the heavies by a pretty big margin and they dont have
    arty and tds beating on them constantly to “balance” them so that makes
    even more powerful. Hopefully wargaming follows through with the td and med
    standard and gold pen nerfs as well as the heavies gold pen (while getting
    significant soft stat increases for the meds im not sure what the tds are
    getting) so that armour plays a bigger role in the game. Dont get me wrong
    i love my meds i just think its kind of shitty that its so easy to outmatch
    heavies in them.

  21. So WG just needs to place Cleevland ti tier7 and PepsiCola to tier6 and
    problem is done! :D

  22. Agree. Cleveland is much better… btw nice streaming on saturday! And
    again great soundtrack!! One question: are you going to platoon with your
    followers someday? If you do that, it can be… EPIC ;)

  23. Keep up the great work! I also read the title as Peniscola vs Des Moines.
    My inner 12 year old lept out.

  24. Second!

  25. thank you Dez 🙂 nice of you to upload this at this time. Cheers and have a
    good evening

  26. Going to meet our goal Des Moines in PepsiCola!

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