► World of Warships: Road to Montana – Beta Keys – Wyoming and New York Gameplay and Review

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World of Warships US Navy Battleship Wyoming and New York Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Battleship Class Tutorial / Guide. World of Warships Road to Montana Battleship. World of Warships Beta Key Giveaway.

► 0.3.1. Patch notes: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/cbt/news/update-031-patchnotes/


Guys, big girls from USA are here! Patch 0.3.1. is up and running and with this patch we got US Navy battleships into World of Warships.
Our “Epic Journey to The Mighty Montana” just started!
In this episode I am going to cover 2 ships in one episode because the play style is pretty much identical. Going to cover tier 4 “Wyoming” and tier 5 USA Battleships “New York”.
Few steps closer to The Mighty Montana Class Battleship!




  1. Davester Mayerico

    And my favourite ship is the yamato 😀 because its so badass

  2. And a beta key would be epic!!!!

  3. Praveen MIS EGMM

    +DezGamez Hey Dez.. Cud u giv one beta key for me too..

  4. I will be destroyer

  5. +DezGamez can I have 1 key?my favourite ship would prob be the Yamato

  6. +DezGamez I want to get beta key because I’m watching all yours video and
    love ships 🙂

  7. +DezGamez that flooding almoust killed you 😀
    Pls do some carrier gameplay and i would loooove to have a key.
    Haven’t had luck at all the lottery…
    greetings from germany

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