► World of Warships: Zao Gameplay – Tier 10 Japanese Cruiser – AP vs HE? – Zao Gameplay / Review

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World of Warships Zao Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Japanese Zao Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Class Tutorial / Guide. World of Warships Tier 10 Zao.

Last time you saw US Navy “Baltimore” in action and one episode before that tier 9 Japanese cruiser “”. In today’s episode I am going to rock & roll with tier 10 Japanese Crusier “Zao”.
First impressions: Go out there and get it NOW! It is amazing!

Next time I am going to play with “” most likely.



  1. very strong game sir.. great job.. 1st game lot of accurate shots but sadly
    the game was lost… T_T quick quest Sir Dez im currently on my DD grind
    and on farragut (love the range of the guns) what equips do you recommend?
    main guns or AA.. heard that there will be buff on DD’s AA guns

  2. Now do the OTHER tier X cruiser!

  3. +DezGamez
    Forgot to mention by the way, ALWAYS use main battery shooting range
    upgrade in Tier 9&10 cruiser, it is almost an essential.
    One is that high tier battle is so much “inactive”, everyone is stick
    together with cruiser AA support to avoid FUCK THE IJN OP CV, cruiser with
    stock 16km is not enough at all. Two is high tier BB is much much dangerous
    to cruisers(which is perfectly fine), cruiser need longer range combat to
    make BB’s shooting spread a pain while cruiser shot are so accurate as
    usual, and force BBs to switch target to easier target like BBs 🙂
    Really hope you can give it a try and you’ll be surprise. :)

  4. ‫محمد رضا حبيب‬‎

    I am a teenager from Iraq, as you know, the modern technology, a
    technological credit card is not present in the south of Iraq and I am
    bursting longing to play this The game but I do not have the means owned
    you just I want from you to give me code to play with passion and effort
    i am raza it is Armored Warfare bro

  5. That ramming Tirpitz, doesn’t that remind you of guy in WoT with max t4
    tank who buys himself a Lowe and is just cruising the map and having nice
    country side view? :-D

  6. I cracked when you said “I bet my dick on it”

    Excellent video as always. Zao is far better with AP.

  7. Dez I thought you were a destroyer fan and were going to do a series to
    showcase the road to the tier X destroyers? Guess its not going to happen

  8. QQ this is a better anti-Tirpitz weapon than my Iowa lol.

  9. It would be harder if the cruisers would guard the BB and CV (from
    beginning rushes) from the torp planes.

  10. Finally the mighty Zao!!!
    I’m so happy and satisfied that you give it a try, now I don’t know what
    ship should I recommend now :)
    since you may want to stick with high tier ships(with all- you -can-play
    account) there’s not a lot of ships left... only two countries sadly.

  11. I appreciate your bravery to state the obvious fact that Carriers are OP as
    fuck, because they are and no other Youtube really complains about that,
    otherwise they wouldn’t get free doubloons from War Gaming for supporting
    their game. But it’s completely true, I’ve had my Yamato almost full health
    immediately die from the start by a Midway using a triple torp squadron and
    landing literally every single torp on me. It’s not like you can manaveur
    when they drop them 1km off your broadside. Also have to mention Yamato’s
    AA only shoots down a few planes after they have turned around and by that
    time I have little to no HP left. I always tell people how OP carriers are,
    because it is seriously not hard to click a few buttons on a 2D map like
    you are playing Pacman and get kills. What’s the point of playing a DD when
    you can get 10x the effect of torpedoes while riding the blue line back at
    your spawn like a coward with no threat opposing you. DDs actually have to
    expose themselves to land at least more than a few torp hits, carriers just
    click a few buttons on a 2D map and get a self esteem boost after landing
    all their torps on a Battleship less than 3km off their broadside. I just
    assume Carrier players were bullied a lot when they were a child and decide
    to play CV, or they just don’t know how to lead shots in another ship,
    which is actually skillful. CVs are just for cowards.

  12. Аарон Дженкинс

    Would love to see your play the tier 10 des moines showing the difference
    in AP and HE damage plus a lot of AA action against planes please, love
    your channel!

  13. i always use AP with 203s, unless its a DD

  14. all time u play u had chances to use torps and u dont seam like u forget u
    decent range torps

  15. Iowa’s seemed bugged, as they stop taking HE damage after a certain point

  16. pessimistic coward fucksticks on your team the first map, read the chat. Go
    uninstall the game and download minecraft.

  17. the only thing I hate about Zao is the name itself…. why did they change
    it to zao… senjo sounded so much more epic, but now it sounds like a
    chinese ship…

  18. 8th XDD

  19. why didnt you fire torps at the end of the first battkle

  20. i hear that the cruisers are intended to provide AA cover like for example
    protecting your carrier , i don’t know maybe i’m wrong

  21. 23:00 You have AMAZING torps buddy! You SHOULD try them!

    8km range, but 76 knot speed and 21k damage!

  22. Thanks Dez its nice to see you play the ship that I want but won’t have any
    time soon.

  23. @DezGamez what is your stream schedule? i always miss your streams it

  24. Please.. tier 10 carrier against a full team of battleships, most of them
    are Tirpitz who has weak AA?

  25. Zao seems bloody awesome – currently trying to go up the American cruiser
    line, but I feel so sad that I didn’t start with Japanese cruisers :O

  26. I love Zao

  27. Bring on the iowas! 😀 Come on Dez. you know you want to give in!

  28. Nice nice nice Happy Panda !!

  29. Second

  30. First

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