World of Warships: Experience Gain Explained

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World of Warships guide/explanation on how experience gain works in the game. Credits work in a similar manner.

Russian thread: http://forum DOT worldofwarships DOT ru/index.php?/topic/23366-о-боевой-экономике-игры/


  1. I think getting the kill gives you equivalent rewards as dealing 15% hp
    damage to the enemy.

    Also, the reward is not liner. Killing 2 full health ship don’t give you 2
    times reward of 1 full health ship kill. In other word, the more damage you
    do, the less you gain from each % of hp damage.

    Lastly, planes destroyed while in hangar does not count, only ones you
    shoot down while they are in the air gives reward.

  2. For all german users: The entire Topic already has been translated into
    german on 4th August already 😉

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