◀World of Warships – Contact! German Battleship Tirpitz!

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First sighting of the Battleship Tirpitz (Bismarck’s sister ship) in World of Warships!

I was lucky enough to spot not one but TWO of the new Battleship Tirpitz in a match. (Belonging to WG staff) The following teaser contains footage captured via the game’s replay camera system. Everything is in engine.

Live streaming with standards!


  1. oh no ze germans are coming!

    very cool video Sidestrafe! it really shows the might of this big

  2. Can this Battleship use Torps?
    It has tubes left and right.

  3. Its not that impressive my HMS Warspite could blow that German monstrosity
    out of the water she’s no slouch in combat.

  4. +SideStrafe What tier is the Tirpitz at?

  5. oh my god YES!!! JUST YES!!

  6. carlitosskater89

    @Meik Vincenco unbalanced*
    Buy why you say so?
    I think it will be unbalanced for 10 days until WG nerf the Germans so
    badly, they will be unplayable.

  7. Wow. Them were the days.

  8. Thanks for this great Video! What an amazing ship 🙂 cant wait to play with

  9. She may be a great ship. but she’s an ugly ship. North Carolina looks much
    better. Even the Amigi

  10. ow now you got me hyped SS

  11. ◀World of Warships – Contact! German Battleship T…:

  12. Got a shiver up my spine when i saw the german flag :D

  13. *Waits patiently for German tech tree*

  14. What’s the music playing in the backround, Sidestrafe?

    • +SideStrafe any chance you could say where to find this file? I already
      search all Files in the WOWs folder, but somehow, i can not find any music

    • +SideStrafe Ah thanks for the information. I used to play without music in
      cbt, since they used the melody of a german drinking song in their battle
      theme, which kinda destroyed the atmosphere for me. But this song is
      incredible, maybe I should turn the music on again.

    • +JohnnyHorsti It’s part of the game’s score, however, when I originally
      found the file it just had a number and I’ve since relabled it so not sure
      what it’s called.

  15. Volle fahrt vorraus !!

  16. TMC (Topgame Media Crew)

    Woaaa.. Shivers

  17. how you can do a free camera mod for the replay?

  18. too bad the textures have to be shitty

  19. It seems to be quite fast

  20. Looking good, but it always sad when I remember the royal navy is going to
    be the last tree added. 

  21. My Boner can only get so erect, until i see the price tag of 60 bucks…..

  22. Will we also get a test server like world of tanks to try these new ships
    out ?

  23. The Hype is real

  24. Cannot wait for the German line of ships to come out!

  25. What tier will this be and I’ve hear rumours that it will or the Bismarck
    will be a premium if so what one and how much gold do you think they will
    charge ?

    • +ScottR 98 bismarck is going to be the normal ship , Tirpitz the premium
      one. Why you ask? bismarck has repair cost that is the same as N. carolina
      and amagi and the tirpitz is much lower repair cost and it has the cammo
      patern for a prem ship 😛 both are tier 8

    • +ScottR 98 Tier 8.

  26. Jesper O (RaDeus)

    I like that they used the German Empire Naval Ensign, it’s the best option
    since the Kriegsmarine one has the swastika on it.

    Looking forward to the other ships, the pocket-battleships in particular.

    • +John Housakos As if World Of Warships is near anything realistic or
      historical… The ship models are the only thing thats chlose-ish to the

    • +Jesper O This destroys immersion. History is history, you cannot change
      it. That is what drives me nuts in “historical games”.

  27. wow, bisko-chan looks great

  28. The Germans sure know how to make pretty ships… (And tanks… and
    uniforms… and well, everything.)

  29. Oh ffs, that flag was never used on german ships after 1935, where is the
    Kriegsmarine flag?

    • +kimbonzky do you REALLY think World Of Speedboats is near any sort of
      realism or historical accuracy? Really?

    • Because the Kreigsmarine, like the Heer and Luftwaffe, was a part of the
      military arm (Wehrmacht) of the Nazi regime but was not actually a Nazi
      organisation in and of itself. The Swastika was adopted by the Nazi party
      and so is directly associated with that regime hence why it can not/will
      not be displayed.

      Also, we don’t know yet what WG are calling the German tree, for all we
      know they may call it the Reichsmarine.

      If you want accuracy just wait until the KM ships come out, I am supremely
      confident that someone will released a mod for the KM war ensign.

    • Jesper O (RaDeus)

      +Bismarck well put Bismarck ?

    • +kimbonzky What they ‘should’ do is subjective. Ultimately, they are a
      company and ‘should’ operate by making sensible business decisions and not
      employ some kind of arbitrary reasoning for historical correct flags. It
      was clear from the start they would not use the KM flag. Putting the real
      flag would mean loosing out on the lucrative German market (as then they
      cannot distribute the game there) as well as opening themselves to attacks
      back home in Moscow. Nope, they won’t do that because that would be stupid.
      That’s how the real world turns, doesn’t mean that we have to agree with
      it, but that’s how it is. It makes absolutely no sense from a business
      perspective to employ the correct flag. Nor does it make much sense beyond
      that. The Tirpitz is the Tirptiz whether she has the ‘correct’ flag or not.
      It’s an arcade game. If you are looking for an historical correctness, you
      won’t find it here. At the end of the day, I guess you can always get
      yourself a mod to sail under the swastika. But if you need the swastika on
      your ship to ‘feel the immersion’ then I don’t know what to say…

    • Its the same with the Japanese, once the Germans come out the XVM modpack
      will probably have the real flag, like they have the rising sun flag for
      the IJN

  30. It has Torpedos

  31. Marvin Metalhead

    gosh i thought at first they had forgotten the torp launchers


  33. Wrong freking flag….

    • +Panzergrenadier Productions They can use that flag in most nations in he
      EU for artistic purposes like a movie with Nazi’s in it (Iron Sky had that
      exemption), educational, historical (museums and such) or archival
      purposes. The flag shown is also questionable but only affects German Law
      so not sure how it will fly. Its not you can’t show it just not for basic
      entertainment if this was a movie with the real ship it would be artistic
      and for historical accuracy. The IJN should have the Rising Sun Flag but
      they won’t use that on grounds it offends those in Asia.

    • +Panzergrenadier Productions To be perfectly honest with you I could care
      less which ensign they used in game, admittedly I subscribe to historical
      accuracy but I understand the political minefield WG have to tread for that
      accuracy, for instance several countries have legislation in effect that
      prohibits the display of the Swastika.

      As it is WG is walking a fine line with the Reichskreigsflagge (shown in
      the vid) because that also falls under German legislation where “the
      1867-1921 version without swastika is prohibited when it is the focal point
      of a display or disrupts political order”.

    • Panzergrenadier Productions (PanzerGrenadier1 Films)

      That would be breaking the law of several EU countries.

    • Pikilloification

      Or just put the damn swastika and the original IJN flag. We’re not trying
      to glorify stuff here, it’s only about depicting historically accurate

    • Panzergrenadier Productions (PanzerGrenadier1 Films)

      +vaulthecreator But it would be closer to the actual thing. Use the
      design/layout of the Kriegsfahne, and replace the Swastika with either a
      Balkenkreuz, or an Iron Cross.

  34. Now the game is going to be imbalanced.

    • +Meik Vincenco
      The Bismarck went really well for the Brits. They sank the ‘pride of the
      German Navy’, a huge over engineered, in-effective, outdated and
      overburdened waste of resources for Nazi Germany, for no loss other than an
      outdated Battlecruiser they had lying around since the 1920s. I’d take that
      deal any day if I was the Royal Navy.

    • Sunk , alongside the Hood,by the Brits, yes. That is my point.

    • +Meik Vincenco Judging by the fact that Bismarck got sunk it went quite
      well for them.

    • Panzergrenadier Productions (PanzerGrenadier1 Films)

      +Meik Vincenco 15 inch guns at tier 8 is going to be BLEH. The only thing
      saving these ships, is the better Rate of Fire to compensate for the lower
      damage/salvo potential. Also, they’re about on-par with the Amagi in almost
      every other category. One thing is highly imbalanced, though… The other
      Tier 8 BBs aren’t nearly as heart-throbbingly gorgeous as the

    • Which ones? The ones on the bottom of pearl harbor or the ones who never
      came into direct contact with the Jap fleet? They never faced off against
      the Bismarck. The Brits did; ask them how well that went for them.

  35. This video made my day! Thank you, good sir!

  36. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    I fear those torpedoes~

  37. im really looking forward to the kriegsmarine 😀 (also i i had to guess
    this thing will be a premium because i believe their ship class was called
    the bismarck class) but out of curiosity what tier was this at?

    • Panzergrenadier Productions (PanzerGrenadier1 Films)

      +Rasmus Jensen You couldn’t be more wrong… The H-Classes were considered
      upgraded versions of the Bismarck class, not the Bismarck class itself.

      Also, the H44 design is extremely impractical, and was really only a
      fantasy of German naval architects.

    • The so called Bismarck class, is really the H-Class. H39-H41-H43-H44 look
      it up 🙂

    • +DEANOGTO Both Bismark and Tirpitz are coming. Word getting around is
      Tirpitz is a premium.

      Wait wait for KM myself 😀

      Edit: Corrected, I done goofed and initially said Bismark was prem lol

  38. Stern Von Afrika

    daaaaayyym. get them kriegsmarine flag mods going

  39. Aw, look at how my sister has grown into a fine young lady…Any man seen
    to touch her will suffer the full extent of my Teutonic fury ! Hands off,
    people !

  40. The ships in this teaser belong to Wargaming staff. Footage captured via
    the game’s replay system. READ description for more information.

    Visit http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe for live Warships!

    • Michail Merzlyutin

      +Jing0oo it was implemented long ago for testing purposes. It’s just not
      user friendly enough yet to be considered as “ready for players”.

    • The games replay system? Did they already implement one or are you talking
      about the one that you have to edit? 😛

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