◀World of Warships – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

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of Warships has taken me by surprise and while it still needs work I’m thoroughly enjoying the beta. Here’s two live commentary matches featuring the Omaha and Kawachi!

World of Warships official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. Niroshun Weerakkody

    don’t worry i like watching ships sink and its not weird and i like your
    videos too!!

  2. This game needs submarines. This is an upgrade from battlestation midway.

  3. What platform is this on?

  4. Make sure that you use the correct ammo type for your target, HE does good
    damages against both cruisers and destroyers. AP for battleships

  5. Thanks, really love the looks of this game.

  6. I know what your satisfaction is…. at least compared to WoT…. WoT = one
    shot every 5-40 seconds. WoWS = multiple shots every 5-25 seconds. It’s why
    I absolutely abhor WoT top tier… you aim, you shoot, you miss, you wait
    20 seconds plus for a reload and get wrecked in the meantime.

  7. This one will with out a doubt include premium ammo… they did it in world
    od tanks and they’re going to do it in this game…

  8. What are you using to play with? This game looks amazing. I just retired
    from the Navy so the ocean views are really nice. 

  9. I agree that they should get rid of the lead indicator. but they should
    increase torpedo speed and decrease the damage.

  10. The birds eye massive zoom in view completely, as in FUCKING spoils the
    immersion of this game.
    The close in looking down the barrel just looks awesome, them BAM, you are
    back in the 80s playing battleship on the atari.

    Wargaming, you are trying too hard to make an arcade game.

  11. Sidestrafe! Love your videos friend, i’m sure someone has already informed
    you, but if you click on the Wargaming icon at the top right when your in
    port, you can get the 5000 free xp that they gave you for hitting level 4
    or 5.Keep the great vids coming, cheers!

  12. If you take away torpedoes, this game would be so boring… A bunch of
    ships firing volleys at each other from as far away as possible. It would
    get old so fast. Torpedoes are the wild card this game needs.

  13. As long as I don’t have to see World of Tanks videos then I am happy:)

  14. NickelPlateRoad779

    Regarding the ammo types, this is just my speculation, but the there is a
    need for a special premium round.. now don’t jump down my throat just hear
    me out. In world war two the Japanese had a special anti aircraft round for
    their large main caliber guns. The Type 3 HE “beehive” shell. It was
    basically a round set to detonate at a set range and height and upon
    detonation a bunch of tungsten rods shot out and would really ruin any
    aircrafts day. Again this is just speculation but those type 3 shells and
    other special ammo like that might be our premium ammo.

  15. I don’t know why people in world of war ships play as Japanese ships
    thought in real life American ww2 ships were state of art

  16. Glad to see you on board with WoWs! To let you know, on the Kawachi, if
    you press “T” it will heal a small amount of your hit points as the special
    ability of BBs.

    As far as the torpedo lead indicator is concerned, I think it can be
    justified by the fact that ships in that era had mechanical computers for
    generating firing solutions for torpedoes. There needs to be something to
    help, at any rate, or it would be incredibly difficult to come anywhere
    close to hitting anything with a torpedo. I play DDs and IJN cruisers more
    than other classes, and even with the lead indicator, trying to hit a
    maneuvering ship is not an easy task.

  17. battleships, especially slow ones like the kawachi need to keep their
    distance at the start. try to keep your enemies at close to max range when
    the game begins, keep friendly fast cruisers and destroyers between you and
    their CLs and DDs if possible. if you see a DD bear down on you and then
    swerve to one side, GUARANTEED he just launched torps at you so turn into
    or away from him right away, don’t even wait for the torp warning. and try
    to stay at flank speed at all times.

  18. This is looking liike the game Navyfield 2 could have been! 

  19. do you lot think destroyer shells will bounce off battleship amour.

  20. Get rid of the torpedo lead indicator and limit the number of torpedoes

  21. I dont mind the torps. In my opinion it’s ur fault if u get hit by them
    because u have time to get out of te way of them. Destroyers are the
    equalizers to the battleships which have a hell of a lot of HP so don’t
    complain about torpedoes because it u took the dmg potential away from them
    battleships would be extremely are to kill

  22. “at least i get to watch myself sink”
    Lol !

  23. Hey SideStrafe, I have a couple of tips for you regarding shell types.

    Armor piercing is good for long range battles against cruisers and
    destroyers, but not destroyers and carriers. AP gives you better damage at
    range, as it penetrates and explodes inside. Once the range closes, switch
    to HE. At close range, your AP shells do less damage. The shells over
    penetrate, without exploding. At close range, HE will penetrate and do full
    damage. Only use AP at close range against heavily armored opponents (For
    example, a Kawachi fighting a Kongo).

    Hope this helps.

  24. ExplosiveRocketTurtle

    Guys, do you think Cruisers or Destroyers were more effective in real life,
    during WW2?

  25. Premium ammo – living torpedoes for Japanese.

  26. Torpedos:
    I mostly play battleships (I also loove the kongo :P) and all I can say is
    torpedos are definitely overpowered! And I agree 100% with you there,
    Sidestrafe, I think removing that lead indicator would balance them. We
    dont get a lead indicator for the long range battleship artillery, so why
    do torpedos get them, even though theyre not supposed to be long range
    weapons?! I think its very ironic that most of the players who say torpedos
    are balanced and a “good” captain is able to dodge them always play
    destroyers, which are extremely fast and manouverable. Guess what!? A
    battleship cant do a 90° turn in 2 seconds!

  27. I wwaaaaannnttt this game!!!

  28. Do you mind if I ask what are your pc stats?

  29. Torpedos are awesome, they really make the destroyers and cruisers a threat
    to the battleships and Aircraft carriers. Also, I wish the developers
    eventually add submarines to the game. 

  30. historically the torps are just way too reliable. read the wiki article on
    the mark 14 its hilarious.

  31. save the plane for later so you can use them then to spot incoming
    torpedoes earlier. I hope that might help you

  32. When will this game be out for the public?

  33. Seems you are overly cautious. No Guts, No Glory!

  34. Torpedoes don’t bother me at all tbh. No matter what ship you’re in there’s
    always something you can do about them. I will agree that if anything about
    torpedoes might be an issue that it would be the lead indicator. Also I
    think it’s important to distinguish between torpedoes on ships and torpedo
    bombers. I think people get way more easily frustratd with torpedo bombers
    because they tunnel vision too easily and they see aircraft carriers as
    being exactly like artillery in WoT. People just aren’t playing together
    enough yet is the problem. roaming the map in cohesive fleets is really
    important because that way you amass so much AAA that it actually becomes
    damn difficult for aircraft carriers. When you’re on your own in your
    battleship somewhere, that’s when the bombers get you.

  35. In that first match, be proud of yourself. Your team was awful, and you
    were the ONLY one to get a kill. As far as using battleships for range, I
    suggest you don’t. They’re highly inaccurate and they have absurd reload
    times compared to other ships. They’re best at medium range, where your
    inaccuracy doesn’t hurt as much, but they aren’t so close that they can
    circlestrafe you.
    And I hate torpedos… they are completely overpowered, because they reload
    so damn fast. Torpedos that reload in 10 seconds? RIDICULOUS! A torpedo
    should have at least a 30s reload, if not even up to a minute.

  36. Nice vid there Side Strafe

    I have noticed that you consistently aim slightly high on your targets.
    Would you not be better off aiming a bit lower, at the waterline. That way
    more shots would/should land on target.
    If they go low they should still hit, and if they go high they hit the
    Just a thought.


  37. Did you make a Bill O’Reilly reference at the intro? “F$%& it, We’ll Do It

  38. xXlongtdragon30Xx

    Where can i get this game? is there a release date yet?

  39. Your first match your team got outplayed… I felt the same way on my last
    WoT game. I was in my tier-8 T34 and i had top damage dealt on my team in a
    heavily tier-10 match… No wonder we lost that one lol. Torpedoes are
    pretty fair in play I think. The lead indicator should be removed though.
    One thing to help might be a speed reduction of destroyers since they can
    dodge almost anything.

  40. Again, the main thing I am seeing is a lack of teamwork. Cruisers need to
    escort battleships and get rid of any enemy destroyers that run in and
    attack your friendly battleships.

  41. sidestrafe can u play world of WarPlanes plz!

  42. If anyone has an issue with torpedoes, it’s because they don’t actually
    know how to play.

    If a battleship is letting a cruiser get that close, they deserve to be
    1-shot lol.

  43. I wonder if we’ll see a coastal WoT map modeled on an island in WoWS.

    That would be a nice easter egg

  44. Mr. Strafe, I don’t think your ever going to see “difficult / simulator”
    like games in a free 2 play environment. Its all about the “Inglorious
    Basterds” entertainment vs. any realism. It really is too bad that their
    game don’t use the tier system as a learning curve and more just access to
    bigger toys. And the military industrial complex want to be able to sell
    real simulator software to nations around the world. Teaching bad
    battlefield habits to the world’s population make life easier for drone

  45. I think that the main issue with torpedoes is that perhaps they are just a
    little bit too easy to work with i.e. aiming….but something that has to
    be taken into account is that if the cruisers stuck with the battleships
    and set up a proper screen, then there shouldn’t be any destroyers or
    torpedo planes coming up to surprise the battleships. Those big BB guns
    should be directed solely at other BBs and CVs and the cruisers should be
    screening and pulling a “Heisman Pose” on everything else:-)

  46. One thing I noticed is you are jumping the gun when you fire. When aiming,
    the blue crosshairs are where you want to fire, but the brown crosshairs
    are where your guns are currently aiming. You were going for leading shots
    but half your guns where pointing at or behind your quarry.

  47. When are you going to do some more Dying Light?

  48. I’ve found that using HE over long range tends to hit harder, because of
    the shot arc landing it on the deck / not the armour. On top of that,
    you’re very likely to set them on fire and destroy guns.

    When you’re close, AP is better because you’re actually penetrating the
    side armour (unless they’re lightly armoured, in which case HE)

  49. 0:31 – “We got some smoke…”

    ON THE WATER! Yeah! *starts riffing*

  50. SideStrafe, unfortunately they will most likely add premium shells. I don’t
    know for sure, but I really think so.

  51. lol How fast are those ships traveling?

  52. What I can’t understand is the absence of British ships. Also, this game
    shares the same flaws as WoT as it pits ships with a 30 year technological
    gap in the same battle. The tier system should be technologically based
    with historical parity. A USN pre WWI ship with barbettes against fully
    turreted ships. I just can’t stand it. 🙂 Otherwise it looks fun.

  53. What i learned about firing the guns on battleships is its best to ripple
    fire the main battery at long range. So far it has helped me out alot
    compared to me just firing a full broadside salvo at the enemy then missing
    completely. When you ripple fire you can see were the first shells are
    going to land then make adjustments and fire the next salvo and so on.

  54. SS, do you know when it is going to be released, or at least open beta? I
    really would like to get into this.

  55. This is wargaming we’re talking about of course there’ll be premium ammo.

  56. A couple more tips to the many already posted.

    Aim in the direction you want your guns facing and hold down right mouse
    button to freely look around. You guns will still turn to face to original
    direction you were aiming.
    The turrets dont “lock” themself, like they do in World of Tanks.

    And do some zig zagging when engaging other BB’s at long range. Several
    seconds of travel time, allow even slow battleshipts to evade most shells.

  57. games looks pretty.

  58. I love the way those rounds look heading toward the other ship when the
    camera is zoomed in.

  59. Why don’t you have the team lists on the sides of the screen SideStrafe?

  60. i would rather their be torps on boats then U-boats

  61. E M B R A C E THE A R C A D E, SideStrafe! :D

  62. I notice ya not using your repairs the moment you have been damaged enough
    to get the effect so by the time its up again you will be more likely
    alive, along with again as said being the one up against more than one
    target in something that is a big target.
    Battleships look like fun units but as seems are a 2nd line unit to find
    loners with as part of a group, getting in from behind using landmasses to
    get to 2ndary gun range instantly, or as said from outside their gun ranges
    until late game, keeping healed so can go point blank when it matters,
    idk… will be fun to play looks like though.

  63. i assume also that the xp requirements are much much lover than in the 1.0

  64. I haven’t played the game, but I’m wondering about the smoke screen. What’s
    the point of it, if people can still see you right through the smoke screen
    when they go into that aiming view mode?

  65. keep it up the game look good

  66. Great video I like this game also. I am up to tier 4 look for me

  67. Yeah this game takes some adjustment. Likewise cruisers are my preferred
    class easier to adjust your aim with faster reloading guns. Glad to see
    some YouTube ‘ rs posting average videos and not instantly being epic. Only
    thing I don’t like so far are carriers not saying they aren’t really useful
    just not my style. If you need to blow off steam just take out your St
    Louis, regularly get 100+ hits in that and top tier way OP more guns more
    fun. Just waiting to get captain skill pyromaniac instant power gaming.

  68. I can’t be bothered with this game, those torps are the new artillery and
    will just be far to fuckin annoying to be worth the trouble.

  69. If you like more guns try getting the Fuso, 6 turrets with 16″ guns

  70. Really lovin this game!

  71. The graphics are gorgeous. :D

  72. Already, I see one thing in WoWS that annoyed the royal shit out of me in
    WoT: tiny maps burdened with tons of unusable wasted space and
    obstructions. In this case, we have a tiny patch of ocean with a giant
    mountainous island occupying nearly a quarter of it, and smaller rocky
    islands sprinkled all over the middle. It’s the typical result of WG’s map
    design philosophy. I think I’ll just ignore the “new car smell” that has
    apparently impressed some, and pass on this one…

  73. It’s going to be interesting when the US Battleships come out

  74. Hi Sidestrafe, did you know that Silent Hunter is online (means it is a
    browser game) and in Beta? It is also F2P! If you are interested into sims
    with historical background give it a try. Oh, unfortunately it is all about
    the Atlantic convoy war and not the Pacific War. So you have to join the
    dark side and be a Kapitaenleutnant or short Kaleun (equal to the rank of a
    USN Lieutenant) of the Kriegsmarine.

  75. Creepy Productions

    oh god, I hope they don’t add premium ammo. At least you can pay for it
    with silver, but then you lose a lot of silver if you have no choice but to
    use it in WoT.

  76. Thoughts on torpedoes, based on having watched youtube videos of WoWS but
    not having played it yet:

    There is nothing inherently wrong with torpedoes being powerful. However
    there is something wrong with destroyers being able to survive in close
    proximity to battleships to the extent that they see battleships as victims
    rather than threats. Battleships have a secondary battery to make life
    difficult for destroyers and cruisers, allow it to do its’ job properly and
    destroyers will have to work for their kills and they’ll deserve them when
    they get them.

  77. lolroflroflcakes

    I’ve watched a few other videos from other people and from what I can
    gather AP is better in almost every circumstance. Even if it goes right
    through the ship the majority of the time for minimal damage if you aim for
    the waterline you can get massive citadel hits that more than make up for

  78. Just to give you an FYI, in the Battleships look to the right of your HE,
    AP, Repair, and you will see what looks like a Whale with a health plus
    sign, Press the letter (T in your Kawachi) displayed and this will restore
    some health back to you.

  79. there will be premium ammo yes unfortunately, all the other youtubers are
    not happy about that. as i can tell you aren’t either. so am i. i doubt
    anybody is, except those you gonna buy them i guess..

  80. Michael Chadolias

    What a great video nice job!!! I hope you upload an other wo warships

  81. +SideStrafe I think your satisfaction is due to the “new game smell”.

  82. +SideStrafe (or anyone else who might know)
    Do you know if the progress gets whiped when the game goes to open beta and
    then again from open beta to release?

  83. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101

    You are doing well, keep it up!

  84. I think you’re going too much in a straight line. This makes it easy to hit
    you with shells and torps 

  85. GREAT VIDEO!!! Keep the good work SideStrafe.

  86. So how come you private your other World of Warship from a couple days ago?

  87. Something funny….

    I’m in the Closed Beta as well,but honestly,I’m playing Fallout New Vegas.I
    just can’t bring myself to grind through the Phoenix,and the grinding is to
    much for me.

  88. The concept of premium ammo doesn’t even make sense for WoWS. This isn’t
    like armored ground warfare where everybody was trying to make expensive,
    high penetration ammunition to defeat tanks. While armor penetration was
    important, the actual effect of the shell upon penetration mattered more.
    The “AP” shells we use right now are actually armor piercing high
    explosive. A pure AP shell will have almost no effect on the large,
    compartmentalized interiors of warships.

    And at the moment, armor isn’t even modeled in any sort of complex manner.
    It’s even less complex than the armor physics for World of Tanks, which is
    already mind-numbingly simple.

    The only “premium ammo” I can imagine would be Japanese Type-3 “beehive”
    shells, but those were kind of useless for their intended anti-aircraft
    role in real life. They were much better at shore bombardment, as Kongo and
    Haruna showed when they wrecked Henderson Field with hundreds of Type-3

  89. As far as torpedo’s go I think people with learn to keep their heads on a
    swivel so to say and be able to deal with them effectively, they will be a
    non issue (or as much as they can be) as long as a guy or gal is paying

  90. Looks more fun than WG Tanks. Feels like it requires more skill

  91. The Germans should have the best accuracy to be historically accurate
    because a German ship one shotted a British ship 

  92. Sidestrafe, I just want to thank you for taking the time and effort to make
    these videos in 1080p 60fps. It’s hard to get a sense for the look and feel
    of the game when it’s being run in 30fps, like so many of my other subs do.
    I mean, Jingles refuses to go above 30fps, and I think it severely limits
    the footage he shows. I understand his reasoning behind it, but I don’t
    agree with it.

    1080 60 is really the only way to go.

  93. Nice video

  94. I am definitely enjoying this game. As for torpedos, I think damage wise
    they are fine, but if the lead indicator went away, I think I would still
    be okay. The thing is torpedos are the hard counter to over aggressive
    battleships. If destroyers couldn’t fire accurate torpedo spreads from 5km
    battleship aggression might be a valid startegy. I don’t know though!

  95. Pcgameing ofcanada

    You don’t want to use the plane early because the range on it is not far,
    only around 7km.Your scout will be useless if you launch it early.

  96. Yes there will be premium ammo, this game will have the same payment model
    as world of tanks and world of warplanes.
    I believe that the premium in game currency that you can buy for real
    money, will be used across all three games.

  97. Perhaps aim for Water line with AP. All your shots still seem to be going a
    bit high from Naval Action. Aim a half ship lower, and more shells from
    each salvo will connect. Use the “ACOG” arrow on the binos. Put that 1
    meter above the water, and shells will stop slipping through the gaps in
    the bridge and smokestacks.

  98. Cody_sage_ in_HD

    you know what would be a amazing addition….if for say your main damage
    was taken near the rear of the ship the ass end sunk 1st and the nose rose
    up in the air and would like snap in half ,….kinda like the titanic 😀
    great video SS as usual 

  99. Good video as always SS! If you want tips or a division mate, let me know.
    Alpha Testing sure lets you learn the game while testing it lol. And pretty
    sure there is going to be prem ammo unfortunately. No idea how (or if)
    it’ll be different.

  100. My best 4 ships happen to be the Omaha, Kawachi, Longely and Isoke. The
    Omaha and Kawachi are very good.

  101. i love this fucking game hopefully open beta comes out soon

  102. Timjan De Schoolmeester

    wow nice vid strafe! can’t wait when the open beta will be live 🙂
    i would love to get my hands on the japanese destroyers ;)

  103. I need more guns for my guns!

  104. this game is awesome! You’ve introduced me to another good game SS.

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