2 Brothers Middle With CV – World of Warships

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Escort CV or not, middle is ours on 2 brothers. Let us see what we can do there eh. Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Isn’t this Eagle. You say it is Essex…

    • He was hungover when he streamed that. And quite sensitive to loud noises. Maybe he still was when he uploaded it here. Maybe he didn’t want to think about a loud bird, but a dull, boring region of England instead? Or he just couldn’t focus, because he was still being flown to the moon …

  2. Title Essex but ship is Eagle. Flamby getting old

  3. Eagle!!!!!!!

  4. Essex instead of Eagle … Flambino needs a Jingles hug ,or team play 😉

  5. Hmmmm….maybe, just maybe I mistitled the video and also learned in the process that Youtube doesn’t like a part of a particular CVs name

  6. Oliver Twist is one of Dickens novels

  7. now ya know WOWS is cracked Canberra bombers were never carrier based

  8. i remember the time that you use a CV (i forgot is it United States or FDR), you can launch rocket from like 10 KM away from the top of the island. even you hardly saw the target indicator

  9. Strap your own but wildly close till end

  10. Eagle, finally. Only ship I played last times I touched this shithole.

  11. Hey bud, did you watch yesterday’s Jingles video? It sounds like the old man could use our help. Since you’re a Utuber could you and others like you maybe organize something like a beverage day? The concept is simple. On a day in the future, we all just buy one less coffee/ tea or pint or glass of wine and donate it to helping him out. It’s something that most everyone can afford to do, even people on a very tight budget. It’s the organizing, planning and getting the word out so people can participate and show their support. I lack the skills to do this, but maybe you and others like you can make something like this happen. Spread the word and idea around. Thanks for reading this. Take care.

  12. That thing is friggin so broken.

  13. You forgot the speshuuuuul

  14. The first five days after the weekend are the hardest…

  15. Now I have fly me to the moon stuck in my head

  16. That ai scream 🤭

  17. Flambass when he is facing carriers…. OMFG, ROFL, HAXX. Flambass when he is playing carriers…. OMFG, ROFL, HAXX!!!

  18. Fly me to the moon
    And let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like on
    Jupiter and Mars… you can look up the rest of the lyrics if you want.

  19. Today I got a detonation on a Minsk (Soviet DD) and didn’t even hit it. All bombs were very near misses, though. But not even a single incapacitation. Just ka-boom!!! I was looking to see how many bomb hits I got and…none!

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