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This ship is as broken as it gets.

WG keeps printing OP and broken ships but at lease this one, unlike Smolensk, requires skill to play.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Here we go boys. Quacken ahead!

    Edit: Fun starts at 19:11 you’re welcome.

  2. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargamming will wait until everyone has bought the Austin and then nerf the hell out of it.

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    It is nice to see Flambino smile!

  4. Ah, just in time for some early morning B A L A N S

  5. That team chat was saltier than the Dead Sea

  6. Flambass having a stroke while using reload booster on Austin is always a magic moment for me. 😀

  7. That BAIM clan div is really something

    • @Grezzo 97 I didn’t want to enter this discussion but it’s funny that the one insulting like a kid is the one calling the other ones child.
      I recommend you to use words without insulting like a decent adult does, and stop being another kid for the community, cheers.

    • @Untitled Anonymous I don’t mind stupid people not knowing they are stupid. What kills be about Dunning-Kruger is that they don’t recognize good looks like when they see it. 🙁

    • @Grezzo 97 if you are the actual dude, I really suggest that you stop talking and save face.

    • @Grezzo 97 Bruh you running into a German DD without escape route (and it looked like beaching in the progress) and not anticipating a german hydro is the real noob play here xD You are toxic as fuck, first check your own gameplay and mistakes before flaming everyone else who carried you to a victory. You did no part in winning this game, so best shut up and learn.

  8. “Noob Tashkent” yet he placed 2nd, but that buffalo….

    • cccooooooolllllllll

      that’s the problem with people that think they are better than anyone else but are just bad at the game, they disregard others when they are in fact playing like trash, only because not everyone is playing the way they want.

    • @Gaius Caesar We know, we know .
      -since 1946.

    • Did some animal research.
      – 8 479 battles | 43.8% WR | 464 PR | Average damage: 24 476
      – 8 368 battles | 43.7% WR | 541 PR | Average damage: 30 974
      Some real animals right there! As an EU player I fear having them near me… They are loud in chat but contribute nothing to our environment.

      Did some research on that Tashkent too to be sure it was not a lucky match, but they are sitting at a solid 54% WR and good PR. Can’t really say much about this one other than that every stat (WR, PR, Avg. Dmg and Avg. Exp) has gone up and pretty much only up these past 4 months. Great work Tashkent_Guy (yaman_steel)!

    • @Okayeg Oof, those kinds of red stats at 8,5k games means they are truly beyond salvaging, kind of makes me wish there are permanent chat bans or even the possibility to banish people to coop only.

    • @ainumahtar I think the problem is that they either refuse to learn from mistakes or they don’t know how so they go to chat for blaming other instead. This is also a bit on WG’s part as there are no real official guides to actually how to playing the game. There are game mechanic videos but there are literally none for positions, when to rush into cap or when to play passively.
      Most players probably wont be watching or ”studying” PQ, Flambass, Flamu or any other WoWs content creator to get better at the game.
      There is also the chance people have used bots to get high tier and then stack battles that way and get zero experience from playing.

  9. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Some people need proper anger management therapy or get off the game a couple of days… or months.

  10. Paolo Emilio is derived from Polio Emilio for its gameplay. Just putting it out there

  11. 20:20 We found a Croatian version of Jim Carrey i guess 😀 😀

  12. Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!

    The philosophy: if everyone is balansed, no one is balansed, and therefore everyone is balanced.

  13. “perfectly balanced, as all things should be”
    WG, probably

  14. If a Montana – or any BB really – gets a taste of what a dakka ship can do, they’ll not make that mistake again very quickly. It’s been like that since I’ve been playing. Not all border snipers are caused by Dead Eye.

  15. I still like to believe brawling is still effective so i can cry more quietly in the corner

    • Me too, man. Me too. I actually haven’t even touched my poor Grosser Kurfurst in awhile. Same with my Kremlin.

    • @Jace i sad noises.

    • Brawling *is* still effective, because it enables your team. It enables your cruisers to get into forward cover, which enables your DDs to survive further forward, which wins you caps and positions. You also get some cover yourself.

      BBs staying at the back sniping always has been egoistical, and always will be.

    • @DevSolar ^ this +1

  16. Wargaming should start selling French fries to go with all the salt in the community.

  17. Noob dog barks loud. Just look at that Yue Yang, he is the perfect example.

  18. When you talked about the Meta shift to the back and how this ship has to get in in range, i heard a quiet weeping behind me. When i turned to look i saw Atlanta and Flint contemplating suicide.

  19. Next week: “We at Wargaming have decided to remove Flambass from the CC program for violations against *checks wheel of misfortune* facial hair standards”

  20. Completely annihilates Alsace.
    Flambass: At least I got something out of that RB. XD

  21. ‘Insert certain anime meme here.’

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