Baltimore 7 Kills & 152k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Baltimore 7 Kills & 152k Damage
About the Warship: American Tier VIII Cruiser

-Map: Trident
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: ExtremeUB_ (EU)
-Kills: 7 Ships
-Players of my team: ExtremeUB_, Admiral_Birk, Jean_luc_Gamache, GeneralBirk, Darkling_24, Gachi_Maestro, ColonelBogun, Sir_Mono, Crybaton, Ja_CkaL, C4Karol, Hotpointius
-Link to Replay:
-Players of the enemy team: ThePazuzu, Bashtel, kriemchanin, squall2003, PapaBlessYa, escurraja, djukkers, TheJanski, U34_212A, Jubencjusz, _RommY_, amadandearg
-Damage caused: 152081
-Version: 13.1.0
-Achievements earned: Close Quarters Expert, Devastating Strike, Kraken Unleashed!, High Caliber, Confederate

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  1. @freezoneproject567

    Baltimore and Cleveland are two of my favorite ships.

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