Baron is a Human Torpedus! Kamikaze? (World of Warships)

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World of Warships Torpedus! Destroyer Gameplay!
WOWS Tier 2 Japanese Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedoes!

Thanks for watching!


  1. baron alakbar XDDDDDD

  2. good vid. love the human torpenis.

  3. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    baron take out the New York with op armour :)

  4. PS 4 Planetside 2 cool

  5. When are you going to upload more The Forest gameplay ?

  6. If you ever do a charity event you should call it “Torpedus to Stop

  7. BaronVonTorpedus your new title

  8. Please remove the face cam.

  9. hahahh torpedus so funny

  10. stream ergo sum

  11. YouTube streaming is banned in Germany :(

  12. st louis needs more gun
    i wonder if the medal “it’s just a flesh wound!” is a monty python

  13. Smell my bun

  14. Ok so Baron do you actualy work as a game tester or something of the sort?
    Just seems intersting you can do all this and enjoy going to all those
    expos etc.

  15. H&Ks until the end of days!

    Watching you give torpeedus is like video crack, I can’t get enough!

  16. Obi-Von!

  17. So are they all living together now?

  18. Baron looks like hitlers dream child

  19. no, you streaming more would not make me happy. you know what would? you
    not doing your horrible British accent.



  22. Please don’t use the youtube gaming streaming service. It is blocked in
    Germany due to copyright issues. Twitch is the way to go!

  23. You sound totally different ! you’ve gained your man voice :D

  24. Try using AP in early tier Cruiser v Cruiser more often.

  25. Hey Baron, say hello to Brazil you tittyfish. really like your videos

  26. 10:10 Kaiten, Baron. Kaiten.

  27. No more facecam, what is this pewdiepie gay bullshit.

  28. Yes more stream is gutt

  29. im seeing weird things ive had my tirpitz for a while nowwy is he saying
    launch day

  30. I must know the rest of what happened to Phly in his match!

  31. Baron I love that you are starting to stream, Id like it if you guys can do
    it regularly so we dont miss out xD cause we have become accustomed to
    Phlys Phlyday on friday (Thats a tongue twister) and the powerhaus on
    wednesday. Gotz to claim a day and own it BVG .o> Dont let your streams be
    dreams, JUST DO IT xD

    Stream Train would be epic too! 4 hours each, hand off to each other to
    fold in the member bases for some synergy , previous streamer joins for 30
    mins to transition know wot Im sayin .m. Love to see the powerhaus system
    get schooped organized al la stream :3

  32. Baron use the baba fett as a secret bounty hunting torpedus weapon

    (Im eliminatorRZ btw)

  33. For the emperor.


  35. baron I have a problem with world of warships the islands are invisible for
    me 🙁 but it is OK because I can use the map to direct my ship but it
    really sucks that the islands are invisible for me

  36. I was the one that told Phly that your were streaming :)

  37. I should photoshop wilford brimly’s face on a torpedo.

  38. Torpedus pls :v

  39. is it ” grinded ” maybe ” ground ”?

    asking, not telling, no dis intended… saw this happen live:D

  40. finish the forest man whenever you can. banzai!

  41. more blackwake vids

  42. You and Philly should both make a funny video on just raming please lol :-)

  43. it wouldn’t let me post on your live stream

  44. I’m from Malaysia and I love your videos!

  45. I die a little on the inside every time I see a world of warships video on
    my sub feed.

  46. Awwww I saw the picture and I thought subs were added D:

  47. Baron how would you feel about German pocket-battleships/heavy cruisers

  48. i’m not a fan of the Chickuma TBH

  49. They should allow the Japanese planes to use kamikaze.

  50. ok Baron i got one for you .
    a NON maxed out t2-3 tank in war thunder.
    every tank you used has always been a maxed out tank.

    play a NON maxed out tank , and get 8 to 10 kills , i understand you have
    but a non maxed out tank your a gurl……

  51. in germany cant commentary the live stream on youtube 🙁 german copyright
    law sucks. greetings :)

  52. can’t wait for the official launch and update tomorrow~ and the Torpitz!!!!

  53. stream on YouTube is better. Twitch is having problems. I couldn’t watch
    your videos.

  54. T 54 MOD PLS

  55. 1/10 not enough torpedus

  56. BANZAI!

  57. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    To all of you that say “I’m first” Baron was actually first XD thanks for
    ruining YouTube you’re all the reason I drink, goodnight ya’ll

  58. Lol 5th

  59. First Person to view this vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 33
    seconds after post…hell ya #Torpedus

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