Hizen Wows Dockyard Event Guide Japanese Battleships World of Warships

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How to get and play Hizen Wows Dockyard Event Guide Japanese Battleships World of Warships World of Warships Wows how to play battleships review guide including high quality gameplay highlights and complete + .

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0:00 Hizen Dockyard event & Captain Skills
2:42 IJN Battleship Hizen Gameplay review guide
14:15 Finale and Score card screen

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Hizen is the brand new Japanese tier 9 battleship which will be the ship for completing the 2020 Christmas dockyard event starting with update 0.9.12. The Hizen is based on a variant of the “super battleship” design (project A-140-J3) that was the predecessor of the Yamato-class ships. It was planned for her to have twelve 410 mm guns in triple turrets her main battery. More info added soon



  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, today’s video features a full review of the brand new dockyard reward ship tier 9 premium IJN battleship Hizen. Sporting 12x 410 mm main battery guns boasts some very nice firepower at tier 9. I hope you all enjoy the video let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. First one

  3. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    lol how do you get broadside potatoes?

  4. She seems to be a good BB ^^ if I could get her 😉 I’ll do it

  5. I must say the tier VII is less salty then lower tiers, there will be some time before im at tier IX-
    I have only played wows a couple months.

  6. 32mm? Nah I will pass 😌 decent video though well explained

  7. Look like a Turkey hunt to me😂👨🏻‍✈️

  8. So youre saying she has the same weakspot as the Yammy and Musashi?

  9. Does it have a cheek like Yamato? Or am I misunderstanding

  10. AA doesn’t count nowadays 🙂 you just hope that the CV is a complete potato and eats your flak.
    Regarding the ship, I will get it, it has the same sigma like Kii so dispersion can be a pain from time to time but when the shells hit, they do hurt. 🙂
    Thank you for the vid.

  11. What is that mod you have showing the relative orientation of the target?

  12. Set the video to 1.75 speed and it’s tolerable

    • A lot of non native speakers watch the videos and appreciate I speak a little slower with these review videos. If I were to speak normally with my Irish accent a lot of people would have difficulties. It’s all about the accuracy of the information and giving everyone an honest picture of the ship and informing them in their decision if they want to try and get it

  13. Thanks for the review. Looks like a worthwhile ship.

  14. Your voice makes you want to take a nap in the middle of a battle.

  15. I will get it with as much as grinding as I Can possibly stomach. I will be able to continue leveling up Yamamoto on it, while reseting the IJN BB line on the next research bureau cycle

  16. Personally not the ship for me, Odin was more my style but will do the combat mission but not pay for the remainder of the event 🙂 but do love this dockyard events now that they are fixed from the rico


    Thank you very much for this video. I will really focus on getting the Hizen after watching your video.

  18. Question: do we have 2 events – Strasbourg OR Hizen? Or are these 2 phases of the same event?

    • There is the dockyard event which will cost doubloons to finish to get the Hizen. The Strasbourg will be a Free reward ship for completing the new temporary campaign called In Pursuit of Strasbourg.

    • @Carbine Carlito If they announced this 5 weeks earlier, i did not buy the Dunkerque. The only big difference i see in Strassbourg is 900 mts more range.

    • @Sardauker Legion Strasbourg comes with a reload booster making it way more powerful. I’m working on the Strasbourg video as we speak hope its done soon-)

  19. Japanese. Check. Battlecruiser style. Check. Fun will be had. Check. I wreck people in the Japanese battlecruiser style battleships already. Can’t wait to add this one to the collection.

    • I found it to be much better than expected and I’m not a great battleship player but I really did enjoy those 12 gun broadsides 👍

  20. *its he-zen* the European pronunciation is killing me its not german its asian aughhhhhhh

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