Ignacio Allende with F consumables – World of Warships

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This ship, like few others have a special way of using consumables. While regular F key ships use hits to boost their own damage and accuracy, this ship gets different use of its F key. It is used to lower the consumables cooldown by A LOT, essentially giving you double consumables if used correctly. However, without the F key ready, and it can be a bit tricky to fill up the bar, because it goes down very quickly, regular cooldown on consumables is very high. So be careful how and when you use it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Admiral Prince Eric

    I really did enjoying on the battle with a Tier VIII Ignacio Allende for a while in Ranked Battles. Hope that on this ship is a Support/Versatile

  2. That salt in the battle chat though 😂

  3. That’s a tremendous start for a video 🙂
    You should talk about that with a salt mines owner ;o)

  4. I really emjoyed the Yudachi game, very patient and knew they had an ally in Flambino

  5. The barrage of depth charges was such a funny sight

  6. I enjoy the variety of ships you use, not just high tiers.

  7. The ranter in chat…. ROFLMAO!!!

  8. Admiral Spaceballs

    those ships did made me reminisce about the old US way of doing things for some reason

  9. Well played. I really, REALLY, wish this wasn’t the only game out there that was about warships. (don’t even get me started on warthunder and there predatory habits.) Still About the worst thing I saw this match was that ridiculous funny button fall off. thats harsh you have to hit your shots repeatedly and yet the RNG will screw you everytime it seems. until you close to suicide range that is. lol

  10. Apart from the fact that these ships are very unhistorical…I really do love the playstyle of them and they are really nice to play 💝💝💝 (maybe not the best but not all ships need to be OP)

  11. As long as they are making money, they are doing a good job in their eyes.

  12. cesar de barbieri

    i Think that sheep name was Isabel Allende, like Chilean Writer… but seems not.

  13. 16:53 Watching this sub refusing to dive and getting slaughtered by the cv really hurts.

  14. So that’s how you get damage with those guns – low tier cruisers plus (unexpectedly) Vladivostok.

  15. Love how at around 9:50 every single other ship on your team is in one grid square.

  16. WG: 1M credits for teleport, noted. But we’ll make it free for CVs

  17. Love that Flambass is so good that he can zone out twice talking about his free xp and some prank a dude pulled on his ex, while his whole team dies around him, then snap back for a kracken in a ship he doesn’t even like. 😂

  18. Sign Flambass up to the WarGaming PR department 😛
    5:37 the dude in chat is more representative of the actual PR department…

  19. Goodbye Flambino, thanks for the content.

  20. nice carry

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