I’m On Fire & I’m Sinking! – World of Warships

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World of Warships can be a true test of friendship. Asymmetric Battles though we found on the other hand to be quite fun for a co-op PvE experience. I finally had an opportunity to feature the Missouri in a video! The Missouri was kind of my end game goal in the early days of World of Warships and it was fun to take it out in a PvE environment. I hope you enjoy the video and let us know if you would like to see more from this game in the future!

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  1. What is your favorite Battleship of all time and why is it the Texas?

  2. Haha World of Warships Returns! I’m the man who was yelling that you missed. And I am proud to say that you missed and didn’t miss. Good Video Bo Time & Crew!

  3. That game mode does seem interesting, and it looks like you guys had fun! Except sturmling at the end of the last match.

    Keep up the good work, Bo & Co!

  4. Great video. Always nice to watch you play some World of Warships

  5. Thank you Bo, Bear, Fate, Stick and Sturmling!! 💜

  6. We found a sore spot for Bo, the Kansas City Chiefs. 🙂 It’s always fun watching the TBLF crew betray each other more than attacking the enemy. To be honest; I wish I had a squad/team like that. Another fun video. Thanks guys!

    • “You know, people sometimes ask me. Jon, why are you such a piece of shit and how did you get so stupid? Well, it’s because I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan.”

      -Jon Bois, discussing the Chiefs’ all-field-goals game

  7. Your guys really need to try the Costal Patrol (PT Boats) very few players so could be a hoot !

  8. Keep this going, please, Bo!

  9. This was a ton of fun to make. I love these asymmetrical battles as they’re a lot lower intensity than the normal random battles. Shame they’re getting rid of them soon, but it was a ton of fun to play and hope everyone enjoys it!

    • It is hella fun best time with friends

    • its super fun with freinds lol

    • You play warthunder , don’t play this arcade trash . Warthunder has an arcade mode that works fine for naval

    • Great job, guys. I play this game heavily, and I was happy to see you guys dig into this game for once. It is quite refreshing.
      On a different note, I would like to offer you my services as an expert on the US ships in the game. I specialize in that nation, and I have the full tech tree in port, plus a considerable number of premium ships amassed over the years, including some ringers like the OG Missouri, Alaska, Enterprise, and others. I’m also quite familiar with German and Japanese BBs.

    • @@Element0145 Both games have different things brought to the table for naval combat. WT lets you manually control all shipboard weapons, as well as use coastal-type boats, from PT boats and subchasers to Frigates. But the variety of available ships is inferior, and you can potentially be instakilled from a magazine detonation from one hit at the start of a game if you are unlucky.
      WoWs has FAR more ships and nations, each with their own traits compared to others, better graphics and detail, and a generally more polished system, all of which is in addition to the fact that, unlike WT, WoWs has a game engine that was SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for naval combat, with aerial and underwater combat being secondary, whereas everything that WT does uses an engine originally created for aerial combat.
      So again-both games have their strengths and weaknesses, and in the end, what someone plays is entirely up to them. You have no right to tell them what they can and cannot play.

  10. Great video!! I never got to play this game myself, but it sure looks fun. Hope there is more content to come soon from this game!

  11. assymetric seems like a bit of fun and chaos. perfect for tblf

  12. The video starts with a stolen kill and ends with a stolen kill. Brilliant writing. 10/10

  13. Love seeing the crew have a blast with jokes.❤ Hope y’all had a blast.

  14. Been playing ships for about 6 years. And I LOVE it when Bo and the crew, play the game I’ve spent SO much time on! 😀

  15. Great video Bo! I’ve started watching Stickboy’s pov since the f-111 video. Love your content!

  16. I like the WOW vids. A good change of pace from WT. Thanks for posting!!

  17. Fun fact, there’s a town in Minnesota called Little Canada, settled by Canadians who were kicked out for not being sufficiently loyal to the British. So it’s a fine rap name for Stick!

  18. I love how Stickboy can dish the dirt on Bo

  19. Love it when you put up WoWs content because it always turns into a complete cluster that’s entertaining as hell.

  20. Not a game I play, but I could watch you guys banter all day! Really enjoyed it. Have a great new year!!

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