Kitty Unleashed – World of Warships

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This kitty will bite your face and scratch your behind…you heard me xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @martinskokanek3984


  2. Finally @flambass is not a grumpy cat 🙂 Good mood – good vibes – good gameplay – good video flambino.

  3. Bluebrixx makes a licensed DS9 model in big. Just so that you know.

  4. I love that in this battle during half of it Flambino is doing everything else besides playing WOWS and yet still ends up with 2,3k exp.
    It just cracks me up 😀

  5. 2:03 why would you not like to shoot AP? I mean, Kita is arming AP at 17mm and gets short time fuze of .01s which is the same fuze time Jutland and other british DDs get (aside from Druid, which is even lower), so one should get full pens on the hull of broadside DD and esp. slightly broadsiding DDs. Like, isn’t that true? At least on paper it should work, while in reality I still struggle to get it work reliably, I admit.

    • Exactly, I often don’t feel like risking overpens and ricochets when I know HE should get the job done

    • It’s a bit more complicate than that. Problem is actually fuse time. IJN 100mm shell at close range go very fast, AP can go clean through many part of a thin DD without explode inside the ship and cause overpen. Druid’s 0.005s fuse time here is makes big difference.

    • @@zicongwu5064 Yea, I mean, I did address fuze times, didn’t I? The shells are very fast initially, but they loose speed very quickly over distance. I get Flambass point, but it seems to be a skill issue. Like, I got T-61 as my very first premium some 3 years ago. I played it extensively at that time. At some point I got a feel for the angle needed, to let me rip DDs apart with T61s incredible AP. I don’t play Aki enough, to know the distances, angles and ships I can more reliably engage with AP. I assume however, as soon as I worked this out, enemy DDs will just melt. That’s what happens to me more often than I like to admit, when facing ShipSmasha. Sure, that one gets improved AP angles, but still, it’s the same guns with the same fuse time. It even has heavier shells, which don’t loose speed as much. So impact angle and speed will be higher compared to Aki line.

      Anyways – TL;DR, when HE gets the job done, use it. I do agree on that point. I just wouldn’t say AP is a no go, as I believe it can work.

  6. Deto flags 4tw 😂😂😂

  7. ds9 .. just keep circling

  8. Very powerful ship, you could argue tier for tier better than the haragumo

  9. Speedy

  10. Turkish in-game chat is hillarious! XD

  11. Skip to 1:40

  12. This title weirded me out, I thought it was another Kitakami game, then I got more weirded out that his guns were doing damage lol.

  13. Lol, for a second there I thought MY wows was running, when we saw his taskbar.

  14. Is it a pay-to-win game?

  15. We really need some laser tag Videos Flambass! 😉

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