Mingles with Jingles Episode 336

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I was sure this was going to be a short episode because there really was very little gaming news this , but… nearly 50 minutes later…



  1. It also sounded like a porn interview there for a minute…

  2. absent-minded goldfish

    dat intro lol
    edit: that shirt tho, “pirates are way cooler than ninjas”
    yeaaaa…. i can hear one piece and naruto fans arguing in the distance 😀

  3. Wow, they’ve really downsized the casting couch

  4. “We’ll edit that out”

    No you won’t

  5. Mingles with Jingles: A beer tasting show with an occasional side-topic of video games.

  6. Harm_ Flying_DutchMan

    great how you two have a laugh talk about everything and nothing at all so we can laugh at nothing really, while there are really interesting things that are touched on and don’t forget about the beers Mighty Jingels you might once Maallust van Veenhuisen in Drenthe (Netherlands ) it’s a small brewer with great beers not that volume of beer like heineken …

  7. Jingles should keep doing “educational” replays from time to time. the haters can get the same diet as he prescribed to Ubisoft

    • Christian Krakhofer

      educatinal is one thing, the apes trying to do the same and throwing matches and beeing the downfall of the other 9-10 players/ruining their match because they saw something on youtube on the other hand will make the days post the video was released feel like weekend retardation dialed up to 100

    • @Christian Krakhofer – the only person responsible for that is Flambass (bless his cotton socks) and his SPESHUL two brothers tactics. Face it, most wows players are not at the same level as the pro’s, the people who “hated” Jingles constructive video. What’s better, those players be given practical advice or left to continue to not understand what the hell they are doing?

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      I’m sick and tired of stat players. The ones that scream at other players for messing up their statistics, the ones who call you names and give you shit but who never actually give you any help. Fuck you all.

    • Agreed, as long as he warns people before on the video description, no one can complain.

  8. As a still relatively new player to world of warships, I really appreciated the video. I learnt a lot from watching it, so I for one would like you to continue occasionally putting up constructive feedback videos. I would say, though, to not make a regular occurrence. That definitely drive away half your audience, but the occasional video would be very much appreciated by those of us who are not very good at world of warships

    Edit: many congratulations to Able Seaman Graham Blair. I wish you many happy years in the Royal Navy

    • Even if I am not exactly new to WoWs I still like vids like that – it’s an opportunity to see what to look at in my own playstyle and maybe get better. Maybe Jingles could do a separate series out of it – like Newbie’s Thursdays or Don’t suck (with) Mighty Jingles.

    • @Cpt. Bilsn agreed. A new series would mean that one of his current set-up would have to go, though, but that’s up to Jingles

    • @Edward Horsman Weeel given Jingle’s attention span I don’t think it would be a huge problem 😉 .. But really, even if he alternated content on a week basis, like ex. Workshop one week, Don’t suck (with) Jingles the other (see, I am trying to make it a thing) it would be cool.

    • I agree, I have been playing for a little while now, and it is amazing how many new ways I find to screw up during a battle. These kinds of videos help me recognize what I did wrong and give constructive advice to help me avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

    • Joshua Chalmers

      @Cpt. Bilsn Or like ichace’s “How Not To Suck”.

  9. We need an extended episode of Mingles where the both of you just descend deeper and deeper into a drunken stupor.

  10. Nilav Kumar Jena

    “We’ll edit that out” – Paul Charlton 2020.
    Aye, its dynamic drunk duos.

  11. New Jingles shirt idea *We’ll edit that out* hehe

  12. fundraiser to get Jingles a black leather couch for “the interview”

  13. Klosharr Klosharr

    this pandemic took serious financial toll, when they cant even afford the actual couch for the casting 😛

  14. I believe what Rita means by “coffee whiskey” is an Irish coffee

    • Darkness Nighthingale

      Sounds a liltle, watered down.

    • True story: in my navy days, I once ordered an Irish coffee from quite possibly, the dumbest cocktail server in any enlisted club. I had known her for over a year. She was nice, just not bright. I ordered the coffee and she got a real confused look on her face. About 20 mins later, she returned with my friend’s drink but not mine. She explained, “We don’t have any Irish coffee. All we have is Columbian.” So then I ordered a beer.

    • Matthew Johnson

      @jwrockets the propper english way would be to accept the beer and carry on, but bless her for not understanding

    • the comander AK


  15. Erik Bergström

    Absolutely keep doing the constructive criticism vids Jingles. The cranky ”pro-gaemrs” can just elect to not watch the video. They don’t really loose much. But the casual and noobie gamers who watch your vids, they loose a chance to get better if you don’t make the video. So I absolutely reccomend you keep making them!

  16. regarding the noobie videos, while i am firmly in the “too painfull to watch” cathegory, i can clearly see the usefullness of such videos for those who want to be better, but for someone like me who stopped playing the game it was clearly not an enjoyable video, so my suggestion is , if you want make such videos, make them into a series and give them a clear name, so we know to avoid, *hopefully* the community will not explode because they are not getting their daily dose of Jingles.

  17. Elder Sir Mr. Jingles,
    Lord Master and ruler of the Salt Mines,

    I did enjoy the constructive criticism video you did last week. I would like to see more of them if the opportunity presents itself. If anyone does not enjoy them, they can (Explicative deleted) off.

    Have a nice day,


  18. ᛖᚱᚺᚨᚱᛞ

    No need to feel sad, Blare or Jingles – I think I can beat the one.
    When I came home from Afghanistan, I had to find a bus, on my own, to take me across the country to get home, only to be told he had to turn around mid highway, leaving me there in the dead of night with all of my gear. Walked to the next truck-stop in the bush next to the highway, got a lift from a cap to the closest town I lived in at the time, then walked home. All alone after a war – carrying all my shit. Join the army they said.

  19. Jingles – Has never heard of Factorio
    Me, actively playing Factorio while listening to this – *Improves grenade production with malicious intent*

  20. Jingles and Rita: “World of Tanks has such a bad grind”

    War Thunder Players: *insane laughter*

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