Mingles with Jingles Episode 377

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Let’s talk about, amongst other things, THAT ending to Cyberpunk 2077 and why it seemed to touch people on so many different levels.



  1. josh thomas-moore

    Jingles the commentry doesn’t seem to match the moments you were talking about in the background footage.

  2. A great way to start the week being locked up at home

  3. Thank you Jingles. Your commentary about the ending you talked about in the first half of the video, helps a lot. Thank you Jingles.

  4. Mingles with Giggles
    Mingles with Babbles
    Episode 377
    Don’t ever change.
    Because of PTSD among fellow vets all too often.

  5. Jingles, i dont think anyone (even youtube) understands its rules. Not to mention youtube itself doesnt even follow them if you type certain things into the search bear you can in fact find full nudes and other things that are supposedly not allowed on youtube.

  6. This might be the first Mingles with Jingles I have shed some tears on.
    Haven’t watched that Cyberpunk-Video because I still hope I’ll find the time to experience it myself but I surely won’t watch that Epsiode now.
    Thank you for the decent way you handled it in this video, it was even kind of comforting and I actually felt better afterwards. <3

  7. 19:10
    Jingles: explaining how a troll is actually beneficial to him, and kind of adorkably endearing at the same time
    ELC: *G A S G A S G A S*

  8. honestly, I don’t get the whole “notification” thing on YouTube… I am subscribed to more than 50 channels and the last thing I want is a notification every time one of them uploads a new video… I am subscribed to them because I like their content and if I feel like watching YouTube, i go to these channels and see what’s new and watch it… or in cases like Old Man here, I know when he’s publishing new content, because I’ve been watching his content for ages now :o) so I know when I can expect a new upload. Another thing is the actual technical background of it… how manny people watch YouTube? I bet it’s in billions… how manny content creators are there on YouTube? hundreds of millions at least… the sheer number of interactions made on this platform EVERY SECOND is something that very few people can even imagine, let alone have a clue how to manage on the technical side at this scale… I am working in IT for more than 20 years for a Telco provider and we have a substantial customer base, still I can’t wrap my mind around how the hell would I go about managing an IT ecosystem like YouTube, let alone the whole Google platform…

    • I am an old IT guy (network infrastructure) and we could probably spend days exchanging stories… but what I want to say is that, agreeing with Tim Berners-Lee, the sheer amount of “controversial” nothing that is flooding the Net is staggering. I even feel like yt is suppressing normal (or non-controversial) contents while pushing weird stuff because it generates more view$$$. Not dissimilar to what tabloids are doing for decades. Sigh

  9. YouYube is like a bar of choclate, you know its bad for you but youre goona eat it anyway.

    Jingles the voice of sanity in a world of crazies.

  10. I had to go back to the cyberpunk episode a day later after I calmed down to leave my comment. I’ve lost a couple friends in the Army to suicide.

  11. One of my best friends sister decided last week that she didn’t want to be a part of this any more, leaving four children behind. Suicide is a serious matter that needs to be addressed a lot more. And there are always a lot to it that often doesn’t reach the surface.

    Rip Ida, you will be missed.

    • @Pincer88 It is about ego as Adam said.
      Ego is a small emotionally driven child that lives in us all.
      I have lived with very similar conditions as you going on in my life from early on; with many labels of this and/or that along the way.
      So much testing, so many drugs tried and finally some testing that showed I had some food allergies.
      I thought it ridiculous when I first heard it, allergic to food? Bah!
      That’s bullshit!

      To be clear, there is more than one reaction when histamines are released in a persons body.
      It can be anything from itchy nose and watery eyes, sneezing and congestion, sinus infections, to rashes/hives and even anaphylactic shock…
      …as well as rarely mentioned ICU psychoses.
      That’s where the person wakes up in ICU and starts thrashing about knocking things over because they don’t know where they are or what is happening.
      Their brain is only partially functioning because the body was shut most of it down so it can battle/heal the infection/injury it senses.
      You don’t have to be in an ICU when this happens though.
      “If brain not fully on, thinking not work either so, only feelings left to run things.”

      Search R.A.S.T. screening for more details.
      The blood sample has to be handled in a very specific manner or the test will give invalid/incorrect results.
      Many go by the Scratch Test but, it’s too easy to get false negatives and they tend to only look for anaphylactic reactions.
      It’s not just a black or white situation though.

      After 2 months of avoidance of just about everything I showed reaction to, I had my first clear day.
      Like a cloud was lifted off my head.
      My brain was working well, for the first time but, I had only accomplished the first goal in my battle to learn how to be.
      I was clear but, I still had unresolved issues that I was not aware understanding the specifics of, some physical issues and some emotional.
      Injuries and conditioning were the next hurdles to overcome.

      Now, I’m obviously not going to cover what the details of my unresolved issues/early conditioning were here but,
      I will say what addressing them taught me and that is; how to see and deal with myself and others around me.
      It taught me to separate what I feel from what I think as the two combined can confuse you as to what reality is.

      Feelings are important as they act as an early warning system for our own protection and as a measure of our well being.
      Sometimes it’s important to sit in feelings such as sadness in order to get sick of it so we can move on to other things in our lives.
      The problem is when we attempt to think or try to figure a solution to that feeling because, this is where usually stupid, emotional ideas come from…
      …like ending it all to make it not “feel” so bad.

      Leave thinking for dry emotionless times so you can be clear on just what the hell you are trying to figure out or accomplish.
      By all means you should still trust your gut but, just don’t think with it as it mostly comes out as nonsensical to the thinkers around you.
      Bottom line is to find a balance between being in your head all the time and being in your heart all the time.

      There are answers out there for everyone who bothers to search in earnest and do the work required to get there, I’ve seen it and found it to be true.
      You just have to learn how to reach it as most of us either have a physical impairment or we just haven’t been taught or understood how to reach it.

      Keep searching!

    • lemsdarkapprentice 2

      = It’s not selfish to go and want to die and protect people you love from it. It really isn’t. [el’sda2].

    • lemsdarkapprentice 2

      @Pincer88 = 100% agree. You’ve said this far better than I ever could. Thanks you loads for sharing your insight and bravery [el’sda2].

    • Suicide is like poverty, it will always be there no matter what we do.

    • Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

      That’s why it’s never been an option to depressive-me.
      I don’t have kids but I do have a wife and parents and friends and relatives and I made the decision that it takes more courage to live on with depression than to take the “easy” way out and dump all my problems on others to solve. Won’t ever happen.
      Don’t get me wrong here: every time I learn of somebody depressive taking their lives, I grief. For them and for those that are left behind dealing with that loss. Doesn’t matter if I knew them personally or not.

  12. I lolled at the “he doesn’t want to watch, but hes engaging 3 times as much” lmao. Sounds like he likes being tortured

    • Or he just does not understand that google algorithms are written by either particularly stupid robot in human disguise or savant so far out touch with humanity, that they could be a robot anyway … in either case, it has nothing to do why and how will people engage with content by default.

  13. What did you do to get a guard to shoot you?

    Jingles:”I don’t know.”

    See what I did there?

  14. JIngles – as someone who has sadly dealt with the aftermath of finding a close friend who passed from suicide, I want to thank you for your commentary in the first half of the video. It touched true to me on a very personal level and really helps alot. Thank you

  15. Friedwald der Lebendige

    “I think CD Projekt Red handled this very well”
    Not something you hear very often nowadays…

  16. Thank you for explaining the youtube algorithm Jingles.

  17. Yes i noticed the notification function was “broken” ages ago and just ignore it now and check my fave channels daily because its easier.

  18. i really love listening to jingles talking about anything

  19. Ill bet that the graphic female nudity video was “manually” examined by the YouTube nerds quite extensively.

  20. I think we can all agree the V and Judy scenes were perfectly acceptable.

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