Ranked Battles – World of Warships

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Hit the sea and obtain Rank 1 for rewards and glory!


  1. +Nameless glad is wasnt just me that saw it

  2. +Schnaqer I’m getting tired of that word balancing. The rate at which a CV
    is present in a battle had drop so much that in every 5 battles I
    play only 3 had CVs in them. It is even more rare to meet CV in higher tier
    battles. But once you do get CVs at hier tier you have those CVs from hell

  3. +NicksDomain101 because you put the volume too loud.


  4. +Mirza Ajanovic Offense*
    Really? So getting matched with a tier higher in a ranked game just because
    you haven’t played enough to unlock more makes sense how?

  5. +GeX223 Ranked battles in WoT would be without that shit.

  6. +Zoltan Katona what ? you do want a game without tomatoes, yolo light tanks
    but 15vs15 normal game where everyone knows how to play ?

  7. Nicolas Gašparović

    +Zoltan Katona Two different dev teams.

  8. +Major Renegade
    They will implement those eventually, but there are nice novelties in WoWs
    like the flags and now this. I doubt they will implement crew training
    boost, there is a level cap sadly in WoWs you can only have 19 captain
    points, so crew training isn’t in the focus of this game. At least I think.

  9. +Wanna Game For me, long range = He (because I just can’t hit the deck and
    it would be a waste to get like 450 damage only instead of 1500 with he)
    and short range = ap (spam that shit at the citadel)

  10. +Mirza Ajanovic Yeah internet trolling is not my thing. I live and die by
    AP (BB’s FTW) , and hate switching to HE unless I have to. As far as
    torpedoes go I very much enjoy the harvesting of tears and wreckage they
    leave in their wake

  11. +Charles White It takes longer to kill a ship using HE at close range. I
    killed dozens of cruisers including Clevelands and Atlantas using AP at
    close range with 4 to 6 shots. 1 shot kills is the best with APs.

  12. As a BB should never fire HE at cruisers unless you are Arkanis Beta (or
    whatever that ship is called), because AP citadels do 2 or 3 more times dmg
    than HE citadels

  13. As a BB , fire AP at ranges greater than 2/3rd’s range and HE at closer
    ranges. HE from those massive guns will reduce those pesky Atlanta’s in
    record time.

  14. +kvineyard Ah… Yea, you have a point there. Anyway, let’s see how it
    works out 🙂

  15. +Lucas K. Ranked matches are interesting and all that but people seem to
    forget a major factor. It further subdivides the people online and de facto
    reduces the number of people in the queue no matter which game mode you
    pick. And a lot of the people who deny the matchmaking sucks blame low
    server population for it (I happen to be one who thinks their matchmaking
    sucks period). So dividing the server population would be working in the
    opposite direction.

  16. +zam023 Yeah I meant to say that 🙂

  17. +Paul Fries < I agree w/ you. I still have to wait as long as 15 min. to get my XP. So, what's my motivation?

  18. +Lucas K. Luck has more to do with the make-up of your team than the actual
    battle. If you are teamed up with good players then you will have a good
    game. If both sides are made up of good players then the battle will be
    decided on who is the better player. I have had a few games like that and
    those are the best games I have played, even if I loose some.

  19. Unlimited Power!

  20. Torpedoes power!!!

  21. White power!!

  22. +World of Warships I will take friendship.

  23. +zam023 Heh heh! Like they say, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

  24. +Admiral8Q We had an Erie in a Tier 5 game last night. It sank in the first
    2 minutes >_<

  25. +gameby420 No! Erie!

  26. +World of Warships St Louis. because having 10 guns shooting a shell rain
    at you is scary

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