Santa’s Mega Gift Containers || Great Opening || World of Warships

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Here I was opening Santa’s Mega Gift Container and Some other gift container. These are Christmas gift in World of Warships game. I got some ships, dubloons, coal and some other bonuses.


  1. nice i am close to 480 ships atm

  2. @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk

    I have opened 17 mega crates , I won 2 ships , T7 Maya & …T6 Ark Royale , I would spend cash on crates but there is risk I can get cv or subs , and i wold NEVER spend cash on those . (BTW I have won Bearn last year :/)

    • Spending cash isn’t a good choice nowadays. But the good part is we are actually getting ships from these containers. I last time I opened 60 supercontainers just got 1 tier 7 ship. Santa crates are at least better than those supercontainer scam.

    • @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk

      @@oooshovow I opened 110 SC in anniversary I got 3 ships Abruzzi , Boise & FR25 , in years I won loot of “free” ship , those are not really free because grind cost time , and time is money , but I am most annoyed I have never won ship above T8 , and winning Missouri or Jean Bart is impossible :/

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