STARTING 2021 WITH AN ABSOLUTELY INSANE MATCH – Kitakaze in World of warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are doing well. Today I present you a Kitakaze game, where we had a double carrier game. It developed into something absolutely insane. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy. Happy 2021.


  1. Best fucking match I’ve ever watched! Definitely send this to the old man.

  2. Gg all the way from Texas

  3. Trenlass happy new year, fucking awesome game mate have a prosperous 2021.

  4. I played Shimma against 4 radars and a cv, I got around 30k damage and then got shot from every ship on their team I think. Next game 3 Radars and a cv, I was getting ready to throw my laptop out the window. That many radars and a cv makes dd’s seem pointless.

  5. That first dd, was hilarious.

  6. Two Brothers/two CV per team? 2021 starting off with a sense of humor, I see.

  7. I don’t think you were the only one who was surprised when that DD came around the corner.

    Between you and the Minnesota (who also had a good game) you shot down 105 planes! No wonder they didn’t have many left by the end.

  8. Hands down best match I’ve ever watched.

  9. I sometimes wonder what streams do for their job, if they still have one. I’m certain that Trenlass’s profession is: Bond villain.

  10. For your heroic service i award you with the medal of honor!

  11. When your adrenaline rushes and your hands tremble, for all the right reasons

  12. Gareth Fairclough

    I was there, my dude! Only_here_for_drinks.

    Hope the old man sees this! 🙂

  13. That Mad Scientist laugh is sooo scary! lol

  14. 2:16 rare footage of a DD “JuSt DoDgiN’ ” (2021, colorized)

  15. This was SOOO satisfying to watch. Especially the end LOL!

  16. Trenlass being histerical when he got 2 cv in first game of the day while me from asia server here histerical when I got no cv match

  17. and please send it to the old man it will be hilarious to see his reactions

  18. Insane match, finding both the piggies was like having Christmas and Birthday rolled into one!

  19. That’s what we called “Community

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